Book brings furniture to the table, as a seat of philosophy

2013-01-22 10:56:51

Chinese have a sophisticated history of transcribing thoughts into living environments.

Novel ideas

2013-01-22 10:53:08

Some fiction works we read and forget. Others, like Xue Yiwei's, make us think past the last page.

The fantastic five of best-selling translated works

2013-01-22 10:44:23

China Daily's reading team presents 2012's top five translated books.

Series illustrates history as kids' stuff

2013-01-22 10:20:32

The Forbidden City and emperors' mysterious lives have been transformed into cartoon books to promote traditional culture.Guardian of time's past

Books on city planning

2013-01-15 14:28:12

This bilingual book explains the Five Ws of planning to Chinese officials. Author James Jao employs a storytelling approach to urge Chinese planners to avoid mistakes made in the West.

The people's skyline

2013-01-15 12:33:16

Everyday folks need a voice in urban planning, a prominent architect and author tells Erik Nilsson

Books introduce Forbidden City to children

2013-01-10 16:15:40

The Guangxi Normal University Press and the Palace Museum Press launched a series of children’s books titled We All Live in the Forbidden City.

Best-selling list reveals shift in taste

2013-01-08 14:48:02

The best-selling lists reveal the major trends of 2012 that show shifts in Chinese readers' taste.Sales that speak volumes

Leaf through

2013-01-08 14:42:27

The year 2012 started uneventfully for the literature scene in China but ended with a bang.

Stories from the morgue

2012-12-27 10:14:09

His stories come from daily contact with cadavers, but his empathy with them has inspired his best selling novel. Pu Zhendong talks to forensic scientist Qin Ming. 

New York Times publishes mini 'e-singles'

2012-12-18 14:22:32

The New York Times is getting into the business of selling bite-sized digital books based on its reporters' work.

Picture books are attracting grown-ups

2012-12-18 14:22:19

Picture books for adults are the latest trends around the country.