French authors set out on the Yangtze River

2014-05-23 09:46:37

Five French writers have started a 10-day tour along the Yangtze River in China as part of the events for Festival Croisements 2014.

Chinese lit expands foreign reach

2014-05-20 09:06:17

Chinese literature has played a key role in communicating Chinese values and cultural traditions to the Western world, and needs to be promoted more aggressively, a British academic says.

French diarist pens Beijing book

2014-05-20 09:06:17

French writer Vincent Hein's diary of life in Beijing has been published in Chinese. He chats to Sun Ye about why he loves living in the capital.

Pride of place

2014-05-13 08:00:01

An ancient Chinese masterpiece tops a British newspaper's list of best Asian novels, but experts on both sides of the globe lament the low visibility of contemporary Chinese works.

Bilingual book on Shanghai FTZ regulations published

2014-05-15 13:39:32

A book consisting of laws and regulations of Shanghai's pilot free trade zone (FTZ) has been published in Chinese and English, its publisher said on Tuesday.

Chinese publisher acquires U.S. company's children's book business

2014-05-15 13:38:05

Chinese publisher Phoenix Media on Wednesday confirmed the 80-million-U.S.-dollar acquisition of the children's book business of U.S. publisher Publications International, LTD (PIL).

Learning Chinese language helps Americans know different world

2014-05-14 13:12:29

Rudd was speaking at the three-day 2014 National Chinese Language Conference in Los Angeles that concluded Saturday.

Author 'avoided nothing' in racy love stories

2014-05-13 09:17:25

It is a story familiar to Chinese readers. It has extramarital affairs, graphic sex and ends in suicide. And it comes from Japan.

Preface to new edition

2014-05-13 08:27:36

Following is part of an unpublished preface by master of Redology Zhou Ruchang for the abridged version of A Dream of Red Mansions in English, as a courtesy from his daughter Zhou Lunling.

Book on anti-graft rules a hot seller

2014-05-06 09:50:10

A book published last month compiling new anti-graft regulations is becoming popular.

UK recipe tome wins cookbook of the year

2014-05-06 09:38:05

Anyone with a hankering for hash of snails or powdered duck or a host of other centuries old British cookery should be plenty pleased with this year's James Beard Foundation cookbook of the year.

Wenjin winners announced

2014-05-06 09:11:11

The winners of China's top book award were announced recently. From the creep of big data into modern lives to the beauty of nature, the selection features some of the best books of 2013.