Behind the Beautiful Forevers

2012-02-14 11:00:05

The setting of Katherine Boo's extraordinary first book, which describes a few months in the life of a young garbage trader, Abdul, and his friends and family.

Through a glass, warmly

2012-02-14 10:39:55

Hong Ying has followed up on her two hit novels, inspired by her life experiences, with what she calls a supplement about the good things in her childhood.


2012-02-10 13:34:25

A book event is to celebrate the release of the book Contrast@1963, which is in a sense three books by three authors hailing from three different places.

It's kids' stuff

2012-02-07 13:14:56

Wang Yinglin's approach to childcare is based on the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine and is gaining converts.

A who's who of Hong Kong

2012-02-07 13:15:28

Hong Kong has for many years been short of a reference work about the men and women who have shaped the cosmopolitan city.

A teacher advocates learning from mistakes

2012-02-07 13:15:08

Yin Jianli's stories and thoughts about bringing up her daughter Yuanyuan have been a constant source of inspiration for parents over the past 16 years.

The tale behind the story of The Flag

2012-01-12 14:39:39

The launch ceremony for the book The Flag was held in Beijing International Exhibition Center on Monday.

From absurdity to reality

2012-01-12 14:39:01

Author Bi Feiyu says his storytelling has now moved from the fantastical to the literal.

From absurdity to reality

2012-01-12 07:54:32

My colleagues and I have been pursuing Bi Feiyu for months. Of all the major writers in China we managed to pin down and interview, Bi proved to be the most elusive.

Eye off the prize

2012-01-10 13:56:24

The prize-winning author Su Tong says he is not actively seeking more recognition but is keen to write his magnum opus.

Beijing Book Fair brings underground literature to the surface

2012-01-10 11:16:18

The annual Beijing Book Fair opened at the China International Exhibition Center on Sunday.

One for the ages

2012-01-08 15:15:25

The first edition of Pathlight: New Chinese Writing shows the best of Chinese literature to the rest of the world, in the estimation of Chitralekha Basu.