Chinese expert lectures at Renmin University

2014-03-17 15:40:29

Jonathan D Spence autographs copies of his books for readers after giving a lecture at Renmin University of China on March 13.

Oral traditions now accessible with a click

2014-03-11 10:18:28

A key value of passing down a culture by word of mouth is that it takes on so many different forms in the process, reflecting changes in people's mentality and social reality.

Path of his own pen

2014-03-11 10:09:23

A writer of Yan Lianke's stature can write what he wants, and he doesn't worry much if the truth hurts his readers - or his book sales, he tells Mei Jia.

K-drama hit boosts book sales

2014-03-06 16:56:16

The recent popularity of the hit South Korean television drama,My Love from the Starhas had a big influence on the actions of its Chinese audiences.

Oscar award sparks book sales

2014-03-06 12:48:48

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup jumped from No. 326 on before Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony to No. 19 by Monday afternoon.

China to be guest of honor at BookExpo America

2014-02-25 10:26:04

Chinese books and writers are to greet readers from the world's largest book market - the United States - as China will be guest of honor at the Global Market Forum of 2015 BookExpo America.

History becomes her story

2014-02-23 07:47:37

Novelist Amy Tan is known for taking her time with each book - insisting on extensive research, meticulous plotting and evocative finely tuned prose - so a new work by the respected Chinese-American is always a significant publishing event.

Taiwan finalizes changes to its textbooks

2014-02-12 07:00:52

Taiwan education authorities approved changes to high school textbooks that replace "China" with "the Chinese mainland" in a move to more accurately present historical facts, Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.

Leadership style in the world's most extreme workplace

2014-02-11 09:56:02

At age 34, Rachael Robertson accepted the biggest challenge of her life: to lead a large, 12-month expedition in Antarctica.

Books have formula for success

2014-02-11 07:18:20

All three books by former Chinese premier Zhu Rongji enjoyed success in China from the moment they hit the market.

People read books at library in Spring Festival

2014-02-03 11:48:05

People spent time on reading books at library during the period of Spring Festival.

Reviving the power of poetry

2014-01-30 10:36:47

Wang Xiaoyu's favorite bedtime routine now is to reach for her smartphone and play a poem.