The future is now

2011-03-18 10:52:33

The realities of the country’s rapid modernization are the stuff of fiction, and one sci-fi writer is chronicling their most dynamic dimensions.

Jin Ping Mei, or The Plum in the Golden Vase

2011-03-15 07:55:52

Jin Ping Mei was one of the quartet of classic novels in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) before A Dream of Red Mansions replaced it in the subsequent Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Fiction as truth

2011-03-11 10:42:04

When Jessica Rudd wrote Campaign Ruby, she never thought that work of imagination would play out in real life.

Reading China from an Indian perspective

2011-03-11 08:07:50

"China is becoming everybody's business," says Douglas Kerr, professor of English at Hong Kong University.

'A Dream of Red Mansions' with new ending to be on bookshelves

2011-03-03 10:58:01

Chinese writer Liu Xinwu's new edition of Qing author Cao Xueqin's "A Dream of Red Mansions" will be on bookshelves this month.

China novelists overcoming translation issues

2011-03-04 07:59:07

A delegation of seven British literary editors joined their Chinese counterparts at the China-UK Literature in Translation Forum held on Feb 22.

The animal in man

2011-03-04 07:59:07

A novel portrays the ways in which humans can be beastlier than any other creature.

Cross-cultural connections

2011-02-25 07:53:33

Chinese authors will join fellow writers from around the world at the nation's biggest literary feast.

Secret to being a happy expat in China revealed

2011-02-18 10:42:08

Lisa Carducci has touched upon a core issue for most Western expats in China: How to live happily and meaningfully in the Middle Kingdom?

Peace at a price

2011-02-18 10:38:10

A book about China's contribution to the UN peacekeeping forces is a timely reminder of its increasingly influential role in world affairs.

Three of best from Gao Yang

2011-02-18 08:15:59

Three works by Gao Yang (1922-1992) are being introduced to the Chinese mainland by Beijing Jiban Book company.

Pipi Lu turns 30

2011-02-14 10:30:00

Tens of millions of Chinese grew up reading Zheng Yuanjie's fairy tale stories about Pipi Lu, the naughty but kind-hearted boy, and his little sister Lu Xixi.