Book club lays out a clean page for debate

2011-01-31 07:53:30

Todd Balazovic learns how a mixed group of book fans are binding together with their shared passion.

Immersed once more in 1930s Shanghai

2011-02-11 07:47:58

Xiaobai's new book is a dramatic novel in praise of Shanghai's concessions, dripping with historical details and vivid descriptions.

Saga of that hard stuff

2011-01-29 07:20:33

American crime writer Lawrence Block, 73, starts his Beijing tour with a joke, "Bonjour, I'm happy to be here in Paris."

Writers share their literary viewpoints

2011-01-28 08:05:09

Chinese and French writers shared views on their writing and understanding of the two cultures at a Beijing forum on Jan 21 and 22.

Bookish magazine serves up spice of life

2011-01-28 08:05:09

Editor Peter Goff, who launched the magazine in June, christened it MaLa (meaning "numb and hot") - "a title that is a bow to creativity, passion and originality", "a doffing of the cap" to the paper's "East and West collusion".

In black and white

2011-01-28 08:05:09

Blue of China is Europe's only publishing house dedicated solely to Chinese books.

Pushing literature beyond frontiers

2011-01-24 09:38:41

The runaway success of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" trilogy suggests that when it comes to contemporary literature in translation, Americans are at least willing to read Scandinavian detective fiction.

Tender portrayal of a female protagonist

2011-01-21 07:34:31

Writer Yi Xiangdong shows a rare sensitivity in his portrayal of the heroine of his latest novel, The Mou Manor.

A novel path for a businessman

2011-01-21 07:34:31

Chen He is representative of a new breed of overseas Chinese writers who are gaining attention because of their diverse experiences and broad worldview.

Stars on the horizon

2011-01-14 11:21:36

The 'longlist' for Literary Prize raises strong hopes about future of East Asian writers of English books.

Chinese publications promote Tibetan monastery

2011-01-17 13:33:09

A set of books, pictorials and digital video discs on the history and culture of Labrang Monastery.

Journey through an ancient civilization

2011-01-14 16:55:21

Images of a Civilization is a research project of a group of historians from the National Museum of Chinese History.