Awards bring rewards

2012-01-08 15:15:37

Two book awards that originated in Taiwan have been extended to the Chinese mainland to seek out new talent and broaden the market.

Follow the light to read with insight

2012-01-08 15:15:21

Pathlight: New Chinese Writing, the first English-language issue of People's Literature magazine, was published for the first time in November.

Reading between the lines

2012-01-05 10:09:09

One of the country's biggest publishers of world literature in Chinese translation says it owes its success to its ability to predict domestic book trends. Chitralekha Basu reports.

China's reading list reveals a few surprises

2011-12-30 10:31:16

2011 witnessed dramatic changes in the country's publishing and reading scene.

Tan's works

2011-12-30 10:30:58

An incomplete list of Amy Tan's works.

Amy Tan returns with Rules for Virgins

2011-12-30 10:30:41

The latest offering from Amy Tan is a 42-page novella written from the perspective of a courtesan in 1912 Shanghai.

Exploring the 'chengdu triangle'

2011-12-23 09:20:54

John and Doris Naisbitt's latest work examines the successful pioneering solutions of Sichuan's provincial capital in impressive detail.

A Canadian mom to Tibetan children

2011-12-23 10:00:39

Canadian writer Lisa Carducci's new book, My Tibetan Daughter, might not be an easy read but it provides objective glimpses of Tibetan life.

Naisbitts' key works

2011-12-23 09:31:49

John Naisbitt's Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives sold more than 9 million copies and was on the New York Times Bestsellers list for two years.

At a glance: John Naisbitt

2011-12-23 09:21:08

John Naisbitt is an author and public speaker, born in 1929 in the United States.

Looking to her roots

2011-12-16 07:35:53

Chinese-American writer Yan Geling has written about various legendary women. Now, she has created a legendary man in Inmate Lu Yanshi.

New book reveals all about cursive script

2011-12-22 15:23:38

Scholar and calligrapher Tian Xuzhong from Sichuan province has launched A History of Chinese Cursive Script Art, the first book of its kind, in Beijing on Dec 15.