Updated: 2011-08-12 08:18

(China Daily)

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Little Reading Pirate is launched in China

Two international best-selling children's books have been introduced to young Chinese readers by Hachette-Phoenix, a French-Chinese joint publisher based in Beijing.

The Princesses series by Italian writer Beatrice Masini contains six illustrated books, each featuring one princess with a special talent or a trait like a pair of big feet.

The books employ beautiful language to invite readers, particularly girls, to have adventures with the princesses and learn things about growing up.

Beast Quest is another fictional series fresh on board, in Chinese. The book by Adam Blade centers on a young hero Tom who saves the land of Avantia by fighting against the evil wizard. The stories are designed to arouse courage and resolution in young boys.

With the launch of the two books, a reading campaign, Little Reading Pirate, which was well received in Germany, has started its journey in major Chinese cities.

The name of the event derives from the idea of comparing youngsters' reading activities to that of pirates conquering the seas.

The publisher is promoting the Little Reading Pirate in schools and to individual readers across the country.

Young readers who are interested in joining the event and competing for an award can log on to

The Netherlands, host country of book fair

The annual Beijing International Book Fair, one of the world's biggest book fairs, will spread its wings at a new venue from Aug 31 to Sept 4.

Featuring more space and better service, the new China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi district intends to bring a fresh experience to publishers and book lovers.

The organizer will provide catering and shuttle buses to ensure the smooth running of the fair.

The 2011 fair has received an increase in applications from participants compared to previous versions, with 2,155 booths so far.

The Netherlands will be the host country at the fair. Its representative Machtelt Schelling, press and cultural affairs official at Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, said at the press conference on July 19 in Beijing that the country will present a feast of Dutch culture.

Highlights of the events include exhibitions of authentic Vincent van Gogh paintings and letters, famed Dutch book designs, and Miffy, the cartoon rabbit created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. All are widely adored in China.

Schelling said lectures and writers' workshops will strengthen the interaction between writers and readers from the two countries.

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