Two of a kind

2013-02-01 08:00:37

Once in a while, the parallel between actor and role is so uncanny that a new dimension is created not so much through acting, but through the fusion of two giant personalities.

UN panel takes aim at species loss

2013-01-30 07:43:27

A prominent Malaysian biologist on Saturday was named first chief of a UN scientific panel that aims to turn the world's spotlight on species loss, as a Nobel-winning counterpart has done for climate change.

Enigmatic entertainer

2013-01-30 07:43:27

Among the most famous Hong Kong directors, Stephen Chow may be the hardest to define. Johnny To is the cool guy, Wong Kar-wai the elegant one, and Tsui Hark the inventive one, but which description best fits Chow?

Alive with color

2013-01-30 07:43:27

Wang Zhongjie, a 79-year-old Beijing native, is intertwined with rich strokes of colors on the beams, pillars, lintels and ceilings of ancient Chinese architecture.

Seatbelt saved my life, twice

2013-01-30 07:43:27

If I hadn't been wearing my seatbelt at those two moments, I likely wouldn't have lived to come to China to remember why I used to feel so adamantly about wearing it in the first place.

Starwood growth momentum continues

2013-01-26 08:21:50

The year 2013 will be one of expansion for Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc, which is planning to open a number of new hotels and sign more hotel management agreements, two-thirds of which will be located in fast-growing markets, including China.

Standing debate

2013-01-26 08:21:13

The loudest sound emerging from the ruckus that is the biggest human migration in the world is a call to reduce the cost for standing.

Shedding light on storehouse secrets

2013-01-26 08:21:13

It has become a tradition for the National Art Museum of China to celebrate Spring Festival, or the Lunar New Year, by exhibiting part of its immense collection.

The music of Beijing's bells and drums sounds in NYC

2013-01-25 10:00:08

The composer Zhou Long presents very different voices in a unified program, around a concept through which the audience could find their own way into a conversation about time.

Micro-blogger's accounts of the dead inspire the living

2013-01-22 13:23:01

Lin Dongping's micro blog posts remind us to live every day as if it were our last.

The new capital of malls: Moscow

2013-01-22 09:19:16

Russians spend 60 percent of their pretax income on retail. Shoppers at the Mega Belaya Dacha mall and discount outlets outside Moscow.

A drive toward automation

2013-01-22 09:18:10

Jesse Levinson, a research scientist at Stanford University in California, has developed safety and driving systems that can detect obstacles.