Rising from the ashes

2011-05-04 07:58:37

Walking faster and better is all that 39-year-old Deyang resident Liu Chunyan has been dreaming of every day for the past three years.


2011-05-04 07:58:37

Kids who sit down to eat with their families are less likely to be overweight and eat unhealthy foods, according to US researchers who call for more shared meals.

A lake that thrills in any season, for every reason

2011-05-04 07:58:37

Poets and artists through the centuries have tried to capture the beauty of West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The question becomes, "Which West Lake?" It is a constantly changeable feast for all the senses. It shows different aspects by day or night, summer or winter, filled with visitors or in the wee hours, a silent beauty.

Get it right by waiting for things to go wrong

2011-05-03 07:54:37

Foreigners who are new to China have any number of things to grapple with.

BJIFF forum calls for more Sino-Europe productions

2011-05-03 07:54:37

Chinese and Europeans need to boost co-productions, concluded filmmakers at a forum of the first Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), which ended on Thursday.

Connoisseur of made-in-China

2011-05-03 07:54:37

Nation's films continue to have variety and energy, says the chairman of the Venice International Film Festival and an old China hand.

Allure still shines for nation's consumers

2011-05-01 07:22:17

The nation surpassed the US to become the second-biggest retail gold market in the world after India in 2007.

New gold standard

2011-05-01 07:22:17

More Chinese consumers are buying gold jewelry for beauty and fashion rather than solely its intrinsic value.

Going green the hard way

2011-05-02 07:09:22

Farming is not just for peasants. It's become a trend even among those with cushier backgrounds.

Now, here's a chicken soup story that'll warm hearts

2011-04-29 07:58:29

"Goddess Fan, marry me! I want to stew chicken soup for you all my life!" reads the imaginative marriage proposal from Zheng Siqin, on a billboard in a bus shelter in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Island getaway may be a costly dream

2011-04-29 11:35:57

Ni Dingkang opens Google Earth and browses 1,390 islands scattered around Zhoushan, the only prefecture-level city in China made up solely of islands, in Zhejiang province.

Call of home

2011-04-28 07:54:29

Tibetan Xiagorkenzhulyexebaldan spent 35 years abroad before returning home in 1994. Sitting in his two-bedroom apartment in Lhasa, the 72-year-old appears healthy and is voluble. His earlobes are bigger than average - a sign of good fortune for Tibetans. He agrees. "My life now is pleasant and relaxed." But it was not always like this. At the age of 7, he became a Living Buddha in Drepung Monastery of western Lhasa. With access to a good education, the future looked promising.