Recovering one step at a time

2013-03-27 07:42:35

Yin Peigang never imagined treating a patient with a strange respiratory disease would mean he'd have to relearn how to walk.

The heart of a village

2013-03-27 07:42:35

Nearly a year after he died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, Gyumey Dorje's colleagues and local villagers firmly believe he worked himself to death.

Gung ho about ketchup and other Chinese words

2013-03-25 15:42:29

As a language expert, Alan Yu is used to all kinds of influences showing up in English words.

Minister kicks off Turkish culture year

2013-03-25 15:06:07

Turkish Culture Minister Omer Celik joined Turkish Ambassador to China Murat Salim Esenli on Thursday to launch the 2013 Turkish Culture Year in China.

Russian twins live China dream

2013-03-25 13:45:53

Two sisters settle down in Shenyang and call it a city full of opportunity.

Road for a successful Chinese woman in Russia

2013-03-22 09:43:40

Yuan Yi, a well-dressed Chinese lady in her 40s, ran up the stairs in Moscow's crowded Novokuznetskaya metro station with a light and graceful step.

Social networks bad for sleep

2013-03-22 14:02:47

Online social networks, chatting services and gaming are keeping young people up at night and disturbing their sleeping patterns.

National program to keep TCM healthy

2013-03-22 11:19:27

China's top traditional Chinese medicine authority has announced a nationwide training program.Raimi gives the origin of the wizard of Oz

There's a ghost in my Internet

2013-03-19 11:14:28

There were three items of interest forwarded to my inbox last week. They are factual but sound like science fiction because in them, the Web emerges to become the "ghost in the machine".

Cultural parks no substitute for talent

2013-03-15 14:22:05

The government wants the cultural industry to be a pillar of economic growth, making promotion of the industry and improvement of cultural services a necessary task.

Jazzing it up

2013-03-18 05:43:32

In 1935, the notorious Shanghai gangster Du Yuesheng ordered the composer and musician Li Jinhui to create the first all-Chinese jazz group, the Clear Wind Dance Band.

Guardian of birds

2013-03-14 07:44:38

Zhang Houyi has taken it upon himself to protect migratory birds around Dongting Lake in Yueyang, Hunan province, for the last 27 years.