In brief

2011-03-29 07:54:27

Two psychologists at the University of Wuerzburg in Germany have developed sleep training aimed at helping insomniac children and adolescents.

The game plan

2011-03-29 07:54:27

The son of a celebrity writer, known as the 'king of fairy tales', is determined to keep his father's legacy alive.

Spring cleaning? Wear a mask

2011-03-29 07:54:27

Allergy sufferers need to be careful, though, because general house cleaning raises a lot of dust. Cleaning products, too, can irritate the respiratory tract.

Dreams reveal our body's cares

2011-03-29 07:54:27

A pioneering traditional Chinese medicine doctor suggests that dreams can be early warning signs of physical problems.

It's a jungle out there - and 'Tiger Moms' know it

2011-03-27 07:56:24

Miss Chua, a Chinese-American Yale Law professor, adopted a strict disciplinarian approach.

Living with SARS

2011-03-28 08:02:30

In late 2002 the world was shaken by SARS. The battle to contain the virus owes a debt to those who risked their health so others could live.

The allure of coal, culture

2011-03-27 07:56:45

Tahir is president of Peabody China, a branch of the NYSE-listed Peabody Energy, the world's largest private-sector coal company that operates in 23 countries.

Out from Dad's shadow

2011-03-27 07:56:24

Katherine Schwarzenegger parlays her celebrity, ideals into helping people with disabilities.

Family matters

2011-03-27 07:56:24

In Rock What You've Got, Katherine Schwarzenegger tells of growing up as the daughter of both a famous bodybuilder-turned-blockbuster celebrity and a mother who also built a successful career in front of the camera.

Dragon dreams

2011-03-27 07:55:51

Mythical beasts and young ideals, represented by four children and the dragons they hunt, are all part of the world which inspires a young cartoonist.

Talk to me

2011-03-27 07:28:26

In just three years, spending on texting may eclipse voice calls.

Bread of life

2011-03-26 07:49:53

Making your own bread not only satisfies the tummy but comforts the soul. Pauline D. Loh shows the way to simple but delicious breads you can speedily make at home.