Festival to screen Oscar winners and Chinese art house flicks

2011-04-23 05:38:51

Film buffs can watch the latest Oscar-winning films for less than 40 yuan ($6), nearly half the usual ticket price for a Hollywood blockbuster in China.

In Brazil, a rogue gene and a boom in twins

2011-04-24 08:05:25

For years, so many twins have been born in the small southern Brazilian town of Candido Godoi that residents wonder whether something mysterious lurks in the water, or even if Josef Mengele, the Nazi physician known as the Angel of Death, conducted experiments here.

Cloning red giants to rescue the Earth

2011-04-24 08:05:25

Shooting skyward like a jagged knife, the giant stump in a cul-de-sac in this Northern California town is by all appearances dead.

Luring shoppers, with clutter

2011-04-24 08:04:52

Lots of stuff piled onto shelves or stacked in the middle of store aisles can coax a shopper to buy more.

Mythic Amazon dolphins at risk

2011-04-24 08:04:52

Along the rivers of the Amazon rain forest, people still recount legends in which pink dolphins are magical creatures that can turn into men and impregnate women. Brazilian musicians write songs about them.

Playing with your food

2011-04-24 08:04:22

Slip on the white lab coat, adjust the headphones and listen as a voice tells you to close your eyes and breathe. A science experiment? Perhaps. But it's a $20 dessert at Park Avenue Winter in New York, and it was the work of tthe performance artist Marina Abramovic.

Hold your breath and strike a pose

2011-04-25 07:59:29

Underwater shoots add new dimension to wedding photos.

Turning trash into art treasures

2011-04-25 07:59:29

Thousands of Beijing residents got into the green spirit last Friday to celebrate the 42nd World Earth Day.

Coming home in style

2011-04-24 08:06:55

Chinese-American architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu found that Shanghai was the perfect place to restart a life.

Visiting New York’s exclusive rooftop gardens

2011-04-24 08:06:55

Eagle-eyed Manhattan pedestrians may spy them high above the street: lush, tree-lined gardens, whose defiant greenery interrupts an urban panorama of concrete and glass.

Soldier's best friend

2011-04-25 07:58:09

Photographs taken by a retired military officer capture interactions between soldiers and their trainee dogs at a base in Guangxi.

Blowing in the wind

2011-04-22 10:21:17

High-Flyers from around the world recently traveled to home of the kite for a very special event.