Ni hao in New York

2011-06-21 07:59:24

A year after teaching English at a Hunan university Diane Nottle resumes her Chinese lessons in the United States and gets a taste of what her students might have gone through.

What's new

2011-06-21 07:59:24

Web portal has joined forces with China Film Group Corporation and cell phone manufacturer Nokia for the 7 Film project.

Everybody loves the sound of sunshine

2011-06-21 07:59:24

Do you have a soundtrack of summers past?

No friends, a hard fit

2011-06-20 08:01:29

More Chinese students are flocking to the United States for a high school education, but they face problems beyond the language and culture shock.

Craving face time

2011-06-19 07:45:25

The benefits and downside of social media are part of the modern conversation.

'Jobless Paddy' sells himself on billboard

2011-06-19 07:48:18

Tens of thousands of Irish people are leaving their debt-shattered land because they can't find work.

Baghdad's gold rush deep in the sewers

2011-06-19 07:45:25

Deep below the workshops in Baghdad's cramped district, unemployed men spend their days scouring the city's sewer system for the one thing they say can bring them money: flakes of gold.

Spineless creatures with minds of their own

2011-06-19 07:45:25

An invertebrate with 24 eyes and a killer sting.

Black, White and Chinese

2011-06-19 07:48:38

When I first heard about Kung Fu Panda in New York, I was thinking it was just another cheap ploy out to make money off Chinese culture, but I was wrong.

Launching a film franchise in pajamas

2011-06-19 07:46:28

There is a lot at stake with "Green Lantern" - at least for its star, Ryan Reynolds, and Warner Brothers.

Tested classics

2011-06-19 07:47:27

Nothing makes dads happier than going for familiar favorites, and Donna Mah suggests how to give him a blissful meal on his special day.

Jimmy's back in town

2011-06-19 07:47:27

It was the very first Western restaurant in Shanghai: Jimmy's Kitchen opened for business in the 1920s.