A Scot's take on Suzhou

2012-04-18 08:06:02

China was never on the radar of Scottish management consultant David Ferguson until he married a Chinese lady and decided to move to China to look for a change. He had reached a bottleneck in business in 2006.

Support rings for China

2012-04-18 08:06:02

All eyes are on China at the London Book Fair.

Eye on the Party

2012-04-18 08:06:02

A slew of books written by senior Chinese government officials were unveiled at the 2012 London International Book Fair. Supposed to shed light on hitherto unknown facets of government servants' lives, these books have been translated into English and other languages.

Other worldly

2012-04-18 08:06:02

Described as a writer ahead of her time, Anni Baobei reveals rare bits of her personal life and explains the spiritual themes in her prose to Chitralekha Basu and Sun Li.

Lions, tigers and bears - Oh my!

2012-04-17 07:50:17

This is a show that has spectators saying, "Lions and tigers and bears - Oh my!"

A New Face

2012-04-17 07:50:17

Zhao Jinlong, a maxillofacial surgeon with the Stomatological Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province, remembers the first time he saw Wang Na.

Helping himself by helping others

2012-04-17 07:50:17

Liu Zhengchen started counting the days after he was diagnosed leukemia in 2001. He was given five years to live unless he received treatment. "I feared I wasn't going to wake up in the morning," Liu says.

Centers of culture

2012-04-16 09:36:16

The reformed and revived cultural center system brings a better quality of life.

In the footsteps of giants

2012-04-13 07:41:33

Post-80s artist Luo Dan is following in his famous father's footsteps.

What makes Bama's residents live longer?

2012-04-12 08:04:08

Bama Yao autonomous county in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was established in 1956. The local authority conducted a population census and was stunned by the result: Of a population of 130,000, there were 15 people aged more than 100 and dozens aged above 80.

Rooting for heritage

2012-04-11 06:53:12

Dancer and choreographer Yang Liping, from the Bai ethnic group, made a fashion statement at a Ferrari auto show in Yunnan province's capital Kunming. Instead of a regular, or designer purse, she was seen carrying a bamboo basket, an accessory favored by Bai women.

Business is Sew=Sew

2012-04-11 06:53:12

People are more likely to go to the mall than visit the tailor when shopping for clothes these days, so tailors have adapted to the new reality. Tiffany Tan reports in Beijing.