Food artists, looking to fill a gap

2011-07-31 08:23:46

El Bulli, which has been the most influential restaurant in the world, served its last dinner on July 30.

Top tastes

2011-07-31 08:30:40

International media is fond of compiling endless lists of the best and worst.

Steam cuisine

2011-07-31 08:30:40

Biao Li Ru Yi Chinese restaurant steams most of its dishes, and that was what attracted me to it in the first place.

To curb invasives, eat them

2011-07-31 08:28:59

With its dark red and black stripes, spotted fins and long venomous black spikes, the lionfish seems better suited for horror films than consumption.

Peer pressure

2011-08-01 08:14:56

Like most intravenous drug users (IDUs) in Sichuan province's Emei city, Tong Xiaolin had no idea what heroin was when she started using it in 1992.

Grand plans

2011-07-29 11:47:15

Entrepreneur hopes to open the first of many ski slopes this winter at a one billion euro resort.

Minding matters

2011-07-29 11:36:14

One young British expat saw a business opportunity and seized the day.

A touch of glass

2011-07-29 11:32:37

French-trained winemaker Emma Gao is producing vintages in remote Ningxia autonomous region that are drawing rave reviews from wine critics.

The man next door

2011-07-29 08:01:34

Comedian Chen Peisi, whose drama Ridiculous Dinner is his first attempt to adapt a French comedy for local audiences, says he is still learning about theater.

Squeaky clean image sullied by passion after the wake

2011-07-29 08:01:34

Hong Kong soap opera actor Raymond Lam had the sort of pristine reputation that middle-aged women swooned over.

Hibernating squirrels may hold clue to post-stroke therapy

2011-07-29 08:01:34

Scientists in Alaska say they have figured out how to make squirrels hibernate.

Time Chinese women realize they are beautiful

2011-07-28 08:02:21

I fit the typical American mold: I'm vain, facetious and mildly obsessed when it comes to matters of appearance.