Preserving flavors

2011-09-24 07:51:43

Asians have always treasured food. All vegetables, all meats are carefully preserved after harvests to last the year round.

Adding a touch of fengshui to the Alps

2011-09-23 11:46:33

On the last Thursday of every month a gardening expert leads guided tours around Zurich's glorious China Garden.

From the classes to the masses

2011-09-23 07:49:32

Most symphony orchestras in China are being pushed to fend for themselves in the market, and this could well be a blessing in disguise.

Test of character

2011-09-23 09:11:34

Keyboard-dependent Chinese are returning to school because they have forgotten how to write.

Happy to be here

2011-09-23 11:47:27

For an ambassador of "a very small country", Danish envoy Friis Arne Petersen juggles a lot of balls in the air.

Track maternal healthcare

2011-09-23 11:07:14

China needs to reenergize its healthcare system for women and children.

Aid for those with hearing problems still insufficient

2011-09-23 10:24:15

The majority of China's 27 million hearing-impaired people have difficulty accessing hearing aids and rehabilitative services.

I thee wed for 50 years

2011-09-22 07:58:29

Taiwan photographer trains his lens on the "golden marriages" of nation's ethnic groups.

What the stars foretell

2011-09-22 07:58:29

More Chinese are turning to fortune-telling and geomancy as set out in the classic texts.

Being in Beidaihe eased all the stress of getting there

2011-09-22 07:58:29

The man swimming towards me had a jellyfish balanced on his left hand.

What's new

2011-09-22 07:58:29

Sha Yi says his latest role is a gift to his baby son

Gehry's magnum OPUS

2011-09-21 07:50:46

The architect's latest work in Hong Kong is set to be completed in 2012 and overlooks the finance district.