A nose for trouble

2011-08-23 08:02:36

The Universiade's English springer spaniel sniffer dogs may seem affable but know exactly what explosives and drugs smell like.

High-cost care

2011-08-23 08:02:36

Veterinarian Du Xiaopeng has been a busy man lately, handling 200 dogs since June, thanks to the Universiade.

Happy to be leftover while everyone else enjoys marriage

2011-08-23 08:02:36

My Chinese friends can't imagine a woman who doesn't want to get married some day. I shock them when I tell them it describes me.

Even with price markups, luxury goods sell briskly

2011-08-21 07:54:46

Even with many Americans pulling back on spending, the rich are again buying designer clothing, luxury cars and about anyting that catches their fancy.

The joys and jolts of living a dream

2011-08-21 07:54:23

When the boss is also bookkeeper, janitor and pot scrubber.

A rush to the land of the $35 martini

2011-08-21 07:54:23

Seth Zalkin, an American banker, seemed content with his decision to move here in March with his wife and son.

Education is the key to destiny

2011-08-22 07:41:46

After holding a graduation dinner and taking photos with his classmates, Zhuqu Tengpa Gyatso's next stop will be a junior high school in Ngari prefecture.

Heart to heart

2011-08-22 07:41:46

An initiative by Beijing Huaxin Hospital and some non-profit organizations provides diagnosis and operations to kids with congenital heart defects in Tibet.

Tart and true

2011-08-21 07:56:32

It's sour, it'll clear out your sinuses, it's Shanxi old vinegar, one of the oldest food products from the region.

That old black magic

2011-08-21 07:56:32

Vinegar is one of the staples in the Chinese kitchen, together with oil, rice, salt and soy sauce.

Recipe: Pot stickers (Guotie)

2011-08-21 07:56:32

Ingredients (makes 30 to 40 dumplings):

Hear we go

2011-08-19 10:47:07

Polish Audiologist helps thousands of Chinese hear for the first time.