Andy Lau promotes upcoming 'Fire Storm' in BJ

2013-09-24 14:06:37

Chinese actor Andy Lau speaks during a news conference to promote his upcoming movie Fire Storm in Beijing on Sept 23, 2013. The film will be screened in December.

Wong Kar-wai's film to enter Oscars race

2013-09-24 09:37:48

Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai 's blockbuster movie "The Grandmaster" has been submitted for nomination to the Oscars Academy Awards.
'The Grandmaster' premieres in New York
Wong takes kung fu triumph to New York

'Young Detective Dee' premieres in Beijing

2013-09-24 09:14:06

Cast members attend the release conference for the premiere of Tsui Hark's new movie "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon" in Beijing, Sept 23, 2013.

Street talk

2013-09-23 07:14:10

"The academy is ready to cooperate with another party at this time when everyone talks about being international. Since Wanda has this plan of establishing a Qingdao international film festival, the academy's support is the right thing happening at the right time in the right place."

Qingdao to hold international film festival

2013-09-23 09:58:45

Plans of an annual international film festival to be held in Qingdao of Shandong province is gaining support from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Star-studded Oriental Movie Metropolis
Wanda prepares film, television industrial park

Wanda prepares film, television industrial park

2013-09-23 07:14:10

Dalian Wanda Group Co Ltd announced on Sunday plans to establish a huge movie industry project in Qingdao, Shandong province, with an investment of more than 50 billion yuan ($8.2 billion).

Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis launches in Qingdao

2013-09-22 14:17:10

Celebrities attend the official launch of Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis in Qingdao, Shandong province on September 22, 2013.

Taking her fears to greater heights

2013-09-22 07:57:21

BEVERLY HILLS, California - Like most movie stars, Sandra Bullock has been endlessly offered up in bits by the celebrity media. In Vanity Fair's estimation, this Oscar-winning actress is "friendly and direct and so unpretentious." She is "America's sweetheart," according to dozens of profiles, a gifted physical comedian who has suffered the occasional flop.

Zhang Yimou embarks on 'Return'

2013-09-18 10:45:45

Director Zhang Yimou has begun shooting "Gui Lai" ("Return"), his first film since splitting from his long-time filmmaking partner, Zhang Weiping. Zhang Yimou, Gong Li reunite in new project

Zhang Yimou, Gong Li reunite in new project

2013-09-18 10:20:08

Seven years after the "Curse of the Golden Flower", director Zhang Yimou and his muse Gong Li have got together again for his new project "Gui Lai".

'Thanks for Sharing' premieres in LA

2013-09-18 09:31:17

Cast member Gwyneth Paltrow poses at the premiere of "Thanks for Sharing" in Los Angeles, California September 16, 2013. The movie opens in the US on September 20.

'Crazy dame' makes Chinese film

2013-09-17 07:26:03

American director Dennie Gordon has done something so unusual that her 24-year-old son calls her a "crazy dame".