New Fast and the Furious races to meet fans' hopes

2017-03-30 07:25:01

The next installment of the car-racing cinematic franchise The Fast and the Furious is due soon. With a radical twist in the plot, expectations are high.

Finding wonder in the macabre

2016-11-10 06:53:25

Monsters feeding on human eyeballs? If a child has a father like Tim Burton, that may be the bedtime story.

Cumberbatch magic boosts superhero movie in China

2016-11-10 06:53:25

Every time a Marvel superhero movie hits the theaters, it dominates the box office. And Doctor Strange is following this tradition. Since the 14th superhero film from the Marvel universe opened in China on Nov 4, it has taken over the box office by raking in 300 million yuan ($45 million) in three days.

Another flick shines light on the problems faced by the elderly

2016-11-03 07:38:48

Hot on the heels of A Simple Life (2012) and Happiness (2016), another art-house film is portraying the aging population struggling with sickness and loneliness.

On a different tune

2016-10-27 14:31:15

Singer Jay Chou dons producer's hat for movie inspired by legendary ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin, Xu Fan reports.

A boy comes of age in achingly powerful Moonlight

2016-10-20 09:27:45

Moonlight is as wistful a film as its title might suggest. Director Barry Jenkins, in only his second feature, has created a singularly powerful and masterfully restrained work of art about a young man's coming of age in South Florida told in three different stages-child, teenager and young adult.

Chinese video firm makes short clips on history, culture

2016-10-20 08:09:09

The office of an internet startup in eastern Beijing's Sihui area feels quieter than many other such buildings, thanks in part to the 43-year-old entrepreneur Li Feng.

Memories of valor

2016-10-20 07:47:48

The emotions of Red Army soldiers during a pivotal battle of the Long March form the basis of a new film.

Feast in store for fans

2016-10-20 07:47:30

China's movie scene, which has seen a slowdown in the past months, could soon see a revival thanks to a flood of foreign blockbusters.

An Austrian shares his passion for the clarinet in Beijing

2016-10-17 08:01:28

Andreas Ottensamer, the principal clarinetist of the Berlin Philharmonic, just had a hectic 48 hours in China. Shortly after landing in Beijing, the 27-year-old Austrian played tennis to relax.

Hello Hollywood! says Alibaba with stake in Spielberg company

2016-10-13 07:00:22

Ma Yun, aka Jack Ma, is again showing his ambition to be part of the world movie business.

Encounter of a rare kind

2016-10-13 07:00:22

Steven Spielberg is often perceived as a symbol of Hollywood - both for those who love it and those who revile it.

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