First Look: Cameron shows 3-D 'Titanic' footage

2011-10-30 09:40:17

James Cameron took his "2.99-D" version of "Titanic" out into open water Friday. The director of the Oscar-winning 1997 film and producer Jon Landau previewed 18 minutes of assorted footage that has been converted into 3-D for next year's rerelease of the film.

Movie Scores: How the critics rated the new movies

2011-10-30 09:40:05

"Like Crazy" is receiving some of the best reviews in a crowded crop of new releases. Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones co-star as a couple of college students who quickly fall for each other but have trouble staying together because of immigration issues.

Movie 'Poonsan' attends Rome Film Festival

2011-10-30 09:18:48

Actress Kim Gyu-Ri poses during a photocall of the movie "Poonsan" by director Juhn Jaihong at the Rome Film Festival October 28, 2011.

Michelle Yeoh is 'The Lady'

2011-10-28 09:16:04

Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh promotes her movie "The Lady" directed by French director Luc Besson at Rome Film Festival Oct 27, 2011.

Director Doze Niu ropes in mainland stars for new film

2011-10-27 14:54:53

Taiwan director Doze Niu has gathered some of the most popular stars on the mainland and Taiwan for his new project, a romantic flick.

'Ra One' premieres in Toronto

2011-10-27 13:56:17

Cast members attend the premiere of Bollywood film "Ra One" in Toronto Oct 26, 2011.

'Greatest Love Story' premieres in Doha

2011-10-27 11:25:07

"The Greatest Love Story Ever Told" premieres at Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Doha October 26,2011.

Pattinson promotes 'Breaking Dawn'

2011-10-27 10:04:37

Cast member Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greenne promote "Breaking Dawn" from the Twilight Saga in Brussels Oct 26, 2011.

'Like Crazy' premieres in Hollywood

2011-10-26 18:42:23

Cast memters attend the premiere of "Like Crazy" at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood Oct 25, 2011.

'Black Gold' opens Doha Tribeca Film Festival

2011-10-26 09:45:55

Actress Dorra Zarrouk arrives at the world premiere of "Black Gold" during the 2011 Doha Tribeca Film Festival's Opening Night in Doha October 25, 2011.

15th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala

2011-10-26 09:45:27

Celebrities attend the 15th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, California Oct 24, 2011.

Keira Knightley at premiere of 'A Dangerous Method'

2011-10-25 09:13:53

Actress Keira Knightley arrives for the premiere of "A Dangerous Method" during BFI London Film Festival Oct 24, 2011.