Cameos for stars

2012-12-20 13:14:50

Taiwan director Leon Dai's latest work is an online weekly show that features an A-lister in a cameo role each week.

Jay Chou filming again

2012-12-19 13:53:54

Taiwan pop singer Jay Chou's second directorial work has begun filming recently in Beijing. Titled Rooftop, it will be a musical starring Chou and mainland veteran actor Wang Xueqi.

Naomi Watts praised in 'The Impossible'

2012-12-19 12:28:16

When Naomi Watts was first approached to star in the film, directed by Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona, she hesitated.'The Impossible' premieres in Hollywood

A New Year full of laughs

2012-12-18 14:23:34

The festive New Year film season will feature three comedies.

Best student documentaries

2012-12-18 14:23:12

China Central Television's documentary channel has presented awards to 200 documentaries by university students.

Wang Xueqi shows his mettle in Iron Man 3

2012-12-17 10:31:11

Veteran mainland actor Wang Xueqi has joined the making of Iron Man 3 in the role of Dr Wu. He is now shooting his scenes in Beijing.James Cameron launches venture in China

Pulling new punches

2012-12-17 10:14:24

Jackie Chan is searching for young talent to replace him as Chinese action film's new icon. Jackie Chan's 'CZ12' premieres in Beijing

'Hobbit' film sets December record

2012-12-17 09:37:40

"The Hobbit" brought a big box office treasure over the weekend, setting a December movie record with $84.77 million in US and Canadian ticket sales. Photos

'Rocky das Musical' hits stage

2012-12-16 18:30:51

When a team of Broadway veterans began pitching New York producers on turning the classic 1976 movie "Rocky" into a musical, the mere idea made people wince.

Alba attends annual Golden Globe Awards

2012-12-14 16:26:10

Celebrities attend the announcement of nominations for the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.

Kung Fu thriller

2012-12-14 13:12:13

Hong Kong director Andrew Lau summons three of the hottest mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan actors in The Guillotines, a kung fu thriller to be released on Dec 20.

'Lincoln' leads Golden Globe movie nominations

2012-12-14 11:25:00

"Lincoln," the tale of US President Abraham Lincoln's battle to end slavery, ruled at the Golden Globe nominations.'Lincoln', 'Les Miserables' lead nominations