Baghdad's gold rush deep in the sewers

2011-06-19 07:45:25

Deep below the workshops in Baghdad's cramped district, unemployed men spend their days scouring the city's sewer system for the one thing they say can bring them money: flakes of gold.

Spineless creatures with minds of their own

2011-06-19 07:45:25

An invertebrate with 24 eyes and a killer sting.

No friends, a hard fit

2011-06-20 08:01:29

More Chinese students are flocking to the United States for a high school education, but they face problems beyond the language and culture shock.


2011-06-17 11:18:19


Cash caravans bring the bank to villagers

2011-06-16 08:09:49

The three-vehicle fleet from Harbin Bank whizzes by, turning the heads of farmers in the fields.

Format for hire

2011-06-15 08:14:29

European programs are the new soldiers in the TV ratings war in China.

Political debates take center stage at the dinner table

2011-06-14 08:05:35

Recently in New York City, three staged readings offered a barebones glimpse into a translated play from the National Center for the Performing Arts in China.

Extensions' popularity lures hair thieves

2011-06-12 08:43:29

In the past few months, thieves in quest of human hair have killed a beauty shop supplier in Michigan and carried out heists across America.

Student life's a Party

2011-06-13 08:53:53

Student enrollment in the Communist Party of China is increasing, though political advancement is just one of the many reasons why they join up.

New blood for the 'reds'

2011-06-13 08:53:53

Zhang Minyu, a postgraduate and Party branch secretary at Peking University, says regular activities unite students and Party life is more diverse than it used to be.

Left out, but not left behind

2011-06-13 08:53:53

Some students prefer not to join the Party at university because they are too busy, or because they don't think Party membership will make a big difference in their lives.


2011-06-10 10:36:08