Flower power

2011-05-24 07:54:45

Blooms from the nation's floriculture hub in Yunnan seldom reach major consumption areas such as Western Europe or North America, and the main reason for this is logistics.

For a feel of rural life

2011-05-21 07:54:40

City-dwellers looking to escape the concrete jungle for a weekend of fun on the farm will do well to head to Shangzhuang township, in Beijing's northwest.

Canine soldiers, beloved and battle-tested

2011-05-22 08:28:44

American Marines were on a foot patrol last fall in the Taliban stronghold of Marja, Afghanistan, when they shot and killed a lethal threat.

Beasts of burden returning as farms spurn diesel fuel

2011-05-22 08:29:24

On a sunny Sunday just before the vernal equinox, Rich Ciotola was setting out to prepare a pasture using a tool so old it seems almost revolutionary.

A risky creature comfort: sleeping with a pet

2011-05-22 08:29:24

Every night for the last year, Kathy Ruttenberg has been getting into bed with Trixie, a 7-kilogram Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.


2011-05-20 11:11:29

Conferences & Meetings

Highway on hold

2011-05-18 08:24:05

On the way to the harbor, an anxious Tian Jiguang keeps looking out of the car window.

The sky's the limit

2011-05-17 07:52:54

Chinese airline companies are increasingly recruiting pilots and flight attendants as the industry experiences rapid expansion.

A global fish and its dark side

2011-05-15 08:00:35

The success of tilapia may pose threats to health and ecology.

Face of war looks back, years later

2011-05-15 08:00:35

Samar Hassan had never glimpsed the photograph of her that millions had seen, never knew it had become one of the most famous images of the Iraq war.


2011-05-13 11:41:15

The congress will focus on the hottest issues concerning food safety.

Drying tears

2011-05-13 07:52:05

Li Guihua stops peeling bills off the stack of funerary money she's dropping into the flames, drops her face into the wad of cash she's clutching and sobs.