T-shirts reflect cult of celebrity

2011-03-01 07:30:28

On New York's trendy St. Mark's Street and in the perennially popular T-shirt stores of Chinatown, Chinese military caps and clothing bearing Chairman Mao Zedong's image sit next to Che Guevara shirts, Palestinian keffiyeh scarves and other politically-charged fashion items.

Enjoying life on the wild side

2011-02-28 10:08:48

Architect Wang Hui has designed his villa so he can be constantly close to nature.

The future of Peking Opera looks bright

2011-02-28 07:45:15

The Central Academy of Drama (CAD) attracts thousands of aspiring screen actors annually, but this year offered a Peking Opera major for the first time since the school was established in 1950.

Wedding bells send luxury brands into ad overdrive

2011-02-25 07:53:33

The upcoming March wedding of actress Barbie Hsu and the heir to a fortune, Wang Xiaofei, is expected to be a grand affair

More cultural institutions to offer free services

2011-02-25 07:53:33

Operators of China's public libraries, art museums and culture centers, at a grassroots level, will offer free and better services to the public.

Million-dollar studio launched to encourage creative artworks

2011-02-25 08:52:53

A“multimillion-dollar” studio to produce and distribute multimedia works for emerging artists worldwide was launched by the Creators Project, jointly sponsored by the Intel Corp and VICE

I don't see Hudong as a competitor: Wiki founder

2011-02-24 07:52:38

When Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales, 44, visited China in 2009, he had two items on his agenda.

Tweet couples

2011-02-23 07:46:10

The nation's 'leftovers' are making all the right connections on the web. Marriages today are made not in heaven but in cyberspace.

For the love of learning

2011-02-22 07:54:54

The nation's first private library continues to battle the odds to survive even as other similar ventures have already closed shop.

Fan club keeps the magic alive

2011-02-22 07:54:54

Fans just can't get enough of the exploits of French-speaking Hercule Poirot and the good-humored Miss Marple, the protagonists of murder mystery writer Agatha Christie's works.

Revealing theater's mysteries

2011-02-22 07:54:54

The works of detective writer Agatha Christie boost Shanghai's theater scene.

Falling inline with friends

2011-02-21 09:43:55

With winter coming to a close, many are thinking about the great outdoors and growing eager to shake off their winter haze and start an active and exciting springtime.