City of Joy

2011-03-18 10:29:17

Welcome to the 'world of smiles' where life meanders slowly.

Jianfengling Forest Park, the most original ariel garden in Hainan

2011-03-15 09:31:13

Jianfengling National Forest Park is the largest and best-preserved tropical original forest in China.

Following in Lu Xun's footsteps

2011-03-10 07:55:57

A visit to the Lu Xun Museum for a look at the life and times of 20th century China's best-known writer is an inspiring experience.

Secret garden

2011-03-10 07:55:57

At the birthplace of renowned writer Eileen Chang, visitors can have a go at the Shanghai dialect through role-play, in scenes adopted from everyday life.

Where the spirit of Feng Zikai resides

2011-03-10 07:55:57

With laundry hanging over the bushes, flowers blooming in the corner and neighbors chatting in the sun, the Chang Le Cun courtyard looks much the same as other communities in downtown Shanghai.

Where Guo Moruo led, literature followed

2011-03-10 07:55:57

The poet, dramatist, historian, paleographer and social activist's former home in Beijing is now a museum celebrating his life and achievements.

Gateway to the life of Rabindranath Tagore

2011-03-10 07:55:57

At the crossing of Chittaranjan Avenue and Dwarakanth Tagore Lane, a typically untidy and constricted tributary, stands a tacky terracotta arch.

China had a place in his heart

2011-03-10 07:55:57

Indrani Ghosh, the curator of Rabindra Bharati Museum in Tagore's house in Calcutta, has a lovely anecdote to share.

Top 10 most attractive hutongs in Beijing

2011-03-09 10:11:06

The Hutong, an old-style city alley or lane, is one of the most distinctive features and attractions in Beijing.

Guilin never ceases to amaze

2011-03-09 09:43:36

The most enchanting sights in China are said to be Shanghai at night, Beijing in autumn, Chongqing in fog and Guilin in the rain.

50 centuries later

2011-03-06 07:49:27

A weekend trip to Liangzhu, in suburban Hangzhou's Yuhang district, will not only take you to blooming orchids and green countryside, but also 5,000 years back to China's primitive civilization.

Some like it hot

2011-03-04 10:18:48

Visitors to 'mountain city' come for the spicy food and spectacular scenery.