Wonder wall

2011-08-05 10:54:30

There are so many varying scenes along China's Great Wall.

Just the ticket to Tianjin

2011-08-04 08:25:32

An expat colleague from the United States takes the Beijing-Tianjin express train every other month.

A tasteful journey to Qianjiang

2011-08-04 08:25:32

I love summer mainly because it's the time to enjoy spicy hot crayfish, one of the country's most popular street foods.

Wonderful scenic spots in Dunhuang attract more tourists

2011-08-01 11:52:50

Tourists visit the scenic spot of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Lake by camel in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. This scenic spot received near 300,000 tourists in the past seven months.

City of soldiers

2011-07-29 11:28:23

The capital of East China's Jiangxi province is the proud birthplace of the world's biggest army.

On the road to progress

2011-07-28 08:02:21

Medog in Tibet has transformed itself in just a decade from sleepy, cut-off county to a prosperous and environmentally aware tourist destination.

A red-letter day for tourism

2011-07-28 08:02:21

The growing popularity of "red" tourism has brought change to Zunyi, a well-known revolutionary city in Guizhou province.

Heixiazi island opens to Chinese tourists

2011-07-27 15:54:29

Heixiazi island, located on the Sino-Russian border, welcomes its first Chinese tourists on July 20.

Chang'an Tower in color

2011-07-26 11:24:34

The tower is the most popular site for expo visitors and by night is transformed into a spectacle illuminated by colorful lights.

Lorraine world hot-air balloons festival

2011-07-26 11:21:20

Hot-air balloons rise during the Lorraine World Hot-Air Balloons Festival (LMAB) in the northeast France's city of Chambley, July 24, 2011. The LMAB runs from July 22 to 31, 2011.

Beer, beach and markets

2011-07-17 08:44:33

John Clark takes a break in Qingdao and delights in the city's many attractions even if he does fall flat on his face at the beer museum.

Northern exposure

2011-07-15 10:43:03

Northeast china's Changchun and its majestic surroundings will put you on top of the world