Sacred pathways

2011-04-24 08:07:26

One of my favorite walks in Hong Kong is the hilly path linking Discovery Bay and Mui Wo on east Lantau Island.

Wallachia’s historic churches

2011-04-24 08:07:53

Whether motivated by architecture, history or faith, many travelers to Europe are eager to visit the continent's great churches.

Taiwan is a treasure island of little eats

2011-04-24 08:07:53

One of the must-dos on every mainland visitor's list is the Shi Lin Night Market in Taipei.

Japan's tourism in tough situation amid nuclear crisis

2011-04-21 11:22:43

The plunge in the number of foreign tourists to Japan following a string of natural calamities and a nuclear crisis has put the key industry in a tough situation.

Flower diplomacy in Zhongshan Park

2011-04-20 14:27:18

Zhongshan Park, immediately to the west of the Forbidden City, is currently running its annual Tulip Festival, which has roots in Chinese-Western friendship.

Records abound at Shanghai show

2011-04-19 08:51:50

Foreign, domestic players reach fevered pitch in world's biggest auto market.

Hogwarts in New York

2011-04-17 07:52:04

Tourists to New York can admire the craftsmanship of more than 200 costumes and props used in the Harry Potter films.

Legends of the falls

2011-04-17 07:52:04

The "other" side of the mighty Niagara Falls escapes most visitors - the Canadian side with its pretty scenery and world-famous ice wines.

Temple of retreat

2011-04-13 18:14:44

Lingyin Temple, or "Soul's Retreat Temple", is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Hangzhou, capital city of eastern China's Zhejiang province.

Taking the high road

2011-04-10 07:56:47

Mike Peters waxes lyrical about the pleasures of Lanzhou and southern Gansu as he stops to smell the flowers and discover a little piece of Switzerland in China.

Brush up on history with Kingdom of Chu excursion

2011-04-07 08:06:57

A trip to Wudang Mountains can be preceded or followed by side trips into other parts of Hubei province.

Wudang epiphany

2011-04-07 08:06:57

Wudang Mountains in Hubei province, known for their Taoist monasteries as well as spawning a martial arts style popular the world over, are worth days of exploration.