Untended tombs

2011-04-05 07:40:15

Speaking of tomb sweeping, here's something interesting off the beaten trek.

The 29th Peony Show is held

2011-04-05 07:40:15

The 29th Peony Show will be held April 1 to May 10, in Luoyang, Henan province.

Special treat in Nanjing

2011-04-05 07:40:15

For those wanting to take a tour of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, the mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen is a must-see.

Day trip to water town

2011-04-04 08:00:14

Millennium-old Zhujiajiao just an hour from Shanghai offers a glimpse of ancient Yangtze Delta life.

Cherry blossoms a rite of spring

2011-04-04 08:00:14

Late March and early April is the time for cherry blossoms.

Port perfect

2011-04-03 07:59:40

How to get the most out of a 48-hour stay in Copenhagen.

Departure gate

2011-04-03 07:59:40

Your passport to the latest destinations and airline promotions.

Hemudu site: Living exhibit of Neolithic Age

2011-04-04 08:00:14

At the Hemudu Cultural Site Museum in Yuyao city, Zhejiang province, visitors can delve into the wilds to experience a way of life long past.

Spring outing in Beijing

2011-03-30 13:30:12

With gentle breezes and warm sunshine all around, spring is embracing Beijing now. It's time to take off the heavy coats and take your camera to nature and enjoy a delightful trip.

Guangzhou old and new

2011-03-27 07:31:37

The guardian city on the Pearl River nurtures both classics and new-age marvels, as Li Jing discovers.

Idyllic stay at the Shangri-La

2011-03-27 07:31:37

Our visit at the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou began with the pick-up service. Because of a flight delay, we arrived in Guangzhou three hours behind schedule. As soon as we walked out of the arrivals hall, we were greeted by smiling hotel workers who ushered us to a waiting car, and thoughtfully offered us bottles of water.

Garden of delights

2011-03-24 07:54:02

Hangzhou's glorious past and splendid natural attractions make it one of China's must-see destinations.