Journey to the wild, wild West

2011-06-14 13:38:51

Drawn by the romance of the far west, Liu Qi ventures into the vast desert in Ningxia where she makes friends with a camel before heading south on other adventures near the Silk Road.

Connecting the peoples of two lands by air

2011-06-13 17:04:04

Alitalia's roundtrip nonstop flight route between Beijing and Rome opened on June 2, providing "great incentives to boost mutual communications between China and Italy".

Pearl on the Yangtze

2011-06-10 10:23:03

Wuxi is considered a town of natural beauty and its motto is "city of water and warmth".

Mudslingers get dirty

2011-06-09 15:58:56

Slathering one another with fistfuls of muck is the mainstay of the Va ethnic group's Monihei Festival in Yunnan province.

Xi’an blooms as flower expo begins

2011-06-09 07:57:55

Xi'an, one of the country's famed ancient capitals, is celebrating its flower power with the World Horticulture Expo.

In the footsteps of giants

2011-06-09 07:57:55

The newly popular 'red tours' take visitors on the same route the Red Army took on its Long March.

Running for the hills

2011-06-07 15:23:10

The mountain retreat of Moganshan no longer ranks as Zhejiang province's best-kept secret, so you'd better hurry if you still want it to yourself

Capital attractions

2011-06-03 11:02:40

After seeing Beijing's world-famous sites, check out these less-traveled gems.

Make art with sand at the Horticultural Expo

2011-05-31 15:30:14

Sand sculptures based on various legendary figures and sceneries are on show at one of the exhibition areas for the 2011 Horticultural Exposition underway in China's historical city of Xi'an.

Jewelry industry develops in Ruili, China's Yunnan

2011-05-31 19:27:43

Since the 1990s, Ruili has dedicated itself to developing the jewelry industry.

Heaven's gate

2011-05-27 10:51:07

If a visitor wants to escape China's crowds, scenic Qinghai is the place to go.

Jiuzhaigou tourism industry recovered after quake

2011-05-20 14:34:53

Tourists visit the peacock lake in the Jiuzhaigou scenery spot in southwest China's Sichuan Province, on May 18, 2011.