No access to wrecked stealth copter: China

2011-08-17 07:07:08

China denied reports that it was allowed by Pakistan to photograph the crashed US Blackhawk helicopter.

Beijing promotes stability in Nepal

2011-08-17 07:11:20

China on Tuesday called on political parties in Nepal to resume "political stability and economic development" at an early date.

Biden visit to stress strength of US economy

2011-08-17 07:02:21

United States Vice-President Joe Biden is set to arrive in Beijing late on Wednesday to begin his China tour, during which he is expected to offer assurances about the struggling US economy.

China refutes claim of US stealth copter visit

2011-08-16 23:16:21

China's Ministry of National Defense on Tuesday refuted the allegation that Pakistan gave Chinese military personnel access to a US stealth helicopter.

China pledges further support for food security in Africa

2011-08-16 22:56:11

China will exert its utmost efforts to help African states to improve their food security, a senior Chinese diplomat said here on Tuesday.

Official leaves to visit five Asian countries

2011-08-16 10:30:46

Zhou Yongkang, a senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC), left Beijing Tuesday to pay official good-will visits to Laos, Cambodia, Tajikistan, Nepal and Mongolia.

China gives Ethiopia $55 m in aid

2011-08-16 07:04:19

China on Monday announced food aid worth 353.2 million yuan ($55.28 million), one of its largest single gifts to a foreign country, to help Ethiopia and other African famine-stricken regions.

China to send $55m food aid to Africa

2011-08-15 18:56:32

Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday that China will provide an additional 353.2 million yuan ($55.28 million) in food aid to Ethiopia and other drought-hit African countries.

Chinese concert marks anniv. of ties with Austria

2011-08-15 08:38:43

The orchestra from eastern China's Jiangsu province presented a concert of Chinese music Sunday evening in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic ties with Austria.

Carrier returns to Dalian after maiden sea trial

2011-08-15 07:36:22

The country's first aircraft carrier finished its maiden sea trial and returned to port in Dalian.

Rising enmity haunts China-Japan relations

2011-08-12 07:10:20

A poll by China Daily and a Japanese think tank shows changing attitudes among Chinese, Japanese.

Aircraft carrier no source of tension

2011-08-12 08:34:27

China is the last among the permanent members of the UN Security Council to possess an aircraft carrier.