Forum highlights green effort

2011-07-15 11:51:50

Regional leaders vow to enhance Sino-US relations at the sub-national level. Special

Chinese FM to attend foreign ministers' meetings

2011-07-14 22:59:31

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi will attend a series of foreign ministers' meetings running from 21 to 23 July on Indonesia's resort island of Bali, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei announced Thursday at a regular press conference.

China upbeat on Sino-Russia energy deal

2011-07-14 22:42:10

A senior Chinese diplomat here on Thursday expressed his optimism that China and Russia will strike deals on natural gas cooperation ahead of the next prime ministers' regular meeting in autumn.

China, ROK vow to strengthen military ties

2011-07-14 22:28:56

China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) agreed Thursday to further strengthen military ties.

China reiterates solving sea disputes via talks

2011-07-14 20:41:38

China on Thursday reiterated that the South China Sea disputes should be resolved through direct negotiations between related parties in accordance with historical facts and recognized international laws.

China strongly condemns Mumbai blasts: FM

2011-07-14 14:00:38

China on Thursday strongly condemned the Mumbai blasts and expressed condolences for the victims, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei.

Li pledges to boost inter-party ties with ROK

2011-07-14 08:07:25

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang met ROK's National Assembly Deputy Speaker Hong Jae-hyong on Wednesday in Beijing, and the two sides pledged to strengthen inter-party exchanges to take bilateral relations to a new level.

US urged to stop arms sale to Taiwan

2011-07-14 06:25:22

A visiting delegation from China's National People's Congress NPC has urged the US Congress to refrain from supporting arms sale to Taiwan.

China, Switzerland eye stronger military ties

2011-07-13 20:43:20

Defense Minister Liang Guanglie met with his Swiss counterpart Ueli Maurer Wednesday, pledging to strengthen military ties between the two countries.

China-US military ties require mutual trust

2011-07-13 19:46:28

Six months after then US Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited China to revive bilateral military ties, top US military officer Mike Mullen's China trip indicates that an inter-military exchange mechanism is in the making. Yet the future of China-US military ties requires mutual respect and trust.

Air Force trains 3rd-generation pilots

2011-07-13 19:40:51

The Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is now studying a new training program for the pilots of its third-generation fighter jets, according to Air Force headquarters.

Zhu moves up IMF ladder

2011-07-13 11:09:15

Christine Lagarde has proposed the appointment of Zhu Min to the post of Deputy Managing Director.