China reaffirms position on Diaoyu Islands

2011-05-23 18:32:50

China reaffirmed its position on the Diaoyu Islands and the East China Sea issue during a foreign ministers' meeting in Japan on Sunday, said a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman here Monday.

Elite police squad marks 1st anniversary

2011-05-23 15:35:16

Elite policemen practice shooting in a wild field during a military drill to mark the first anniversary of the founding of the Flying Tiger Commando unit in Urumqi, capital of China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on May 22, 2011.

FM: Wen's trip deepens China-Japan-S Korea co-op

2011-05-23 09:30:18

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's concluded trip to Japan, during which he attended the fourth China-Japan-South Korea summit, has significantly boosted tripartite cooperation and regional peace and stability, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Sunday.

Summit boost for nuclear efforts

2011-05-23 07:56:43

Leaders of China, Japan and South Korea agree on joint drive to ensure safety, ease food import ban.

Wen reaches out to Japanese pop group

2011-05-23 07:37:58

In addition to the wide range of high-level meetings and activities on Premier Wen Jiabao's calendar, he found time to personally greet a Japanese pop group on behalf of its many Chinese fans.

Asian giants meet for first time since thaw

2011-05-23 07:35:23

The leaders of the governments of China and Japan met on Sunday morning in Tokyo for their first formal talks since an incident in which a Chinese fishing boat collided with Japanese patrol ships in September 2010.

China, Japan, ROK vow to boost nuke safety co-op

2011-05-22 18:45:14

China, Japan and South Korea agreed to boost cooperation on disaster management and nuclear power safety at a trilateral summit held here on Sunday.

US aircraft carrier arrives in HK on 4-day visit

2011-05-22 15:29:10

The American aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson, sailed into Hong Kong sea waters Sunday morning on a 4-day visit after winning the approval from the Chinese central government.

China, Japan, S Korea hold trilateral summit

2011-05-22 11:50:41

China, Japan and South Korea agreed to boost cooperation in disaster preparedness and nuclear power safety among other topics at a trilateral summit held here Sunday. Special Coverage

Smile, and live again

2011-05-22 07:58:43

To live with a smile: That is the message Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao left with a Japanese family that lost almost all of its possessions in the devastating March earthquake and tsunami.

FTA good for more robust growth

2011-05-22 07:57:04

China, Japan and South Korea to complete feasibility study in 2012

Premier Wen reaches out to Japan

2011-05-22 07:39:50

China is ready to extend more aid to Japan in its disaster relief endeavor, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Saturday.