Internet regulations: From the US to Australia

Updated: 2016-05-17 10:29


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Editor's note: Free flow of information on the internet is the ideal state. When the internet began connecting people and became important in people's economic and social life across the world, users realized that the internet had all things of real life, both good and bad. Many countries, including Western nations, have started internet control to protect their citizens, economies and regimes. They have begun to regulate the internet in some way, with a number of them censoring defamatory speech or monitoring copyright infringement.

Internet regulations: From the US to Australia

The United States

Jan 8, 2016, US government officials talked with executives from Silicon Valley's leading companies on the fight against Islamic State on the internet. After the talks, Twitter shut down 125,000 accounts connected to IS.

Sept 2011, to ease the pressure of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, the US government told Twitter to delete key words such as #occupywallst. The Twitter account of the Project for Civil Justice Fund was suspended.

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