Police welcome microblog tip-offs

Updated: 2014-01-23 00:42


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BEIJING - China's Ministry of Public Security said on Wednesday that it will accept tip-offs sent by people to its official microblog accounts during the Spring Festival holiday.

Such tip-offs through microblog accounts tend to focus on crimes common during the Chinese traditional New Year, such as robbery, gatherings for gambling, and producing and selling poisonous and harmful good. The accounts are also expected to field tip-offs about potential safety risk concerning fireworks, large-scale events and fire control.

People can inform the police through the ministry's official microblog accounts at Tencent and Sina, the ministry said, adding that it will verify all tip-offs and deal with the verified ones according to laws.

The addresses of the two official microblog accounts are: http://weibo.com/dshcsh, and http://t.qq.com/dshcsh.