Shaoxing wine and fennel beans

2011-07-10 07:48:23

Pauline D Loh visits a restaurant named after a character from revolutionary writer Lu Xun's novels.

Downsizing with conscience

2011-07-10 07:49:23

I've been canned from several jobs, but none involved a meeting with George Clooney, who plays corporate downsizing expert in the movie Up in the Air.


2011-07-08 10:57:10

Conferences & Meetings

Bubble worries

2011-07-08 11:02:28

Unlike many others, Economist George Magnus is not optimistic about China's outlook.

Melody of life

2011-07-08 10:47:52

A Frenchman recalls how a meeting with a chinese group in paris changed his life.

School of hard knocks

2011-07-08 10:41:32

British kungfu master fights hard to set up his own martial arts academy in China.

Mystery shrouds screenwriter Deng Yu-kun's death

2011-07-08 08:11:12

Screenwriter Deng Yu-kun, married to veteran actress Leanne Liu, is suspected to have fallen to his death at about 4 am on Monday at his Shanghai residence.

The right to speak one's mind

2011-07-08 08:11:12

A celebrity couple's latest salvo against gays should be countered with reasoning and rational rebuttals, and not threatened with reprisals.

From bloom to boom

2011-07-07 08:07:05

Lavender production creates stunning sceneries and economic opportunities in rural Xinjiang.

Battling against the current

2011-07-07 08:07:05

Operators of the Three Gorges Dam have, for the first time, added to the flows downstream to help the spawning of Yangtze River carp.

Where the village is one big family

2011-07-07 08:07:05

If the paradise that is Zhang Guying village is a proverbial Eden, then Zhang Guying is its allegorical Adam.

What's New

2011-07-07 09:01:51

Huayi Brothers and EE Media have joined forces to shoot Happy Magic.