Special Commune gives confidence

2013-04-15 16:35:07

The old gray Dodge van might look like it's not going to make the 45-minute trip to Beijing's northern suburbs, but it roars up the road as confidently as its driver.

Dishing out dignity

2013-04-15 16:33:27

A management consultant and restauranteur, Koh Choon Seng probably never expected Dignity Kitchen to bleed for so long.

Youth build a rainbow of friendship

2013-04-15 16:22:24

A project aimed at bringing the young people of China and Mongolia together was launched in Ulan Bator on Friday.

Fresh Bread, fresh start

2013-04-15 15:33:23

Amity Bakery has a noble intention - to train those who are mentally challenged so that they can integrate into society and get a job. But they face an uphill task.

Expats prefer Beijing, Shanghai

2013-04-11 07:58:34

The living environment has become a growing concern for expatriates working in Shanghai and Beijing, although the two cities topped a list of the most attractive Chinese cities for expats, a new study found.

Returning to life on the land

2013-04-11 11:14:56

When university graduate Chai Huilong turned down a well-paid job to return to the family farm, his parents were worried. French arts festival opens in China

Croisements Festival returns to China

2013-04-09 09:43:02

On April 10, the 8th annual Croisements Festival will commence at the French embassy in Beijing with a press conference to launch the event.

After asteroid, a sigh of relief on Earth

2013-04-07 07:44:27

Using an eclectic mix of crowd-sourced video, information from Google Earth and data from nuclear test-ban sensors, scientists have gotten a much more accurate picture of the small asteroid that exploded near the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February.

Apps and work: data put at risk

2013-04-07 07:44:00

SAN FRANCISCO - As is the case with many busy people, Delyn Simons's life has become an open phone app of commingled corporate and personal information.

Second Sight

2013-04-07 07:45:23

Paul Lai believes that groovy spectacles allow their wearers to assume different identities. Rebecca Lo discovers that his Vintage Glasses are supplied to a client list that includes celebrities such as Zhang Ziyi and Andy Lau.

Parenting: Hands-on vs. digital

2013-04-07 07:43:26

Parents who spent their own formative years with textbooks, pencils and typewriters can tell you that our technological age can be a confusing place to raise a child. But some things never change. Parents still want the best for their young.

Opening up on autism

2013-04-03 05:32:02

It was an occasion to be blue, as the sixth World Autism Awareness Day fell on April 2.