Striking at the nerve of a sensitive issue

2011-05-06 07:50:53

Love for Life is such a groundbreaking film that it is a surprise it will see the light of day.

True value of a mother's sacrifice

2011-05-05 07:56:34

I was grinning ear to ear. Mrs Kellet, my all-time favorite teacher, had let me ride shotgun. Miss Roach, my second-grade and least favorite teacher rode in the back.

Panel dissects capital's film festival debut

2011-05-05 07:56:34

What role should a film festival play for a city? Should it serve the public or the industry

Learning to live

2011-05-05 07:54:22

When a foreign reporter asked a kindergarten student in Guangzhou what she wanted to do when she grew up, the girl replied she wanted to become a corrupt official.

Lifeline to help keep Xibe afloat

2011-05-05 07:54:22

Kong Yanjun has sacrificed his winter vacation to take part in a training program to improve his ability to speak and write the Xibe language.

Parting ways with pandas

2011-05-05 07:54:22

The Wolong region is home to 10 percent of the world's wild giant pandas and was home to more than 60 percent of its captive-bred population until an 8.0-magnitude earthquake hit the province in 2008.

What's New

2011-05-05 07:54:22

A mysterious ancient language provides the background for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a film starring Hugh Jackman, mainland actress Li Bingbing, and South Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun.

Getting a taste of a farmer's life in the US Midwest

2011-05-05 07:54:22

A powerful stench filled my nostrils and a sudden warmth blurred my glasses. It took me a few minutes to see the scene clearly: A dozen or so pink piglets were oinking in a fenced-in cubicle about 3 by 5 meters. There seemed to be hundreds of these cubicles in this huge structure, with heating and food provided via pipes.

Tasty leftovers with a life of their own

2011-05-04 08:01:03

Courtyard setting houses a haven of enticing tastes, and if you cannot finish your meal, take it home

Noodle heaven that is also a safe haven

2011-05-04 07:58:37

Joan Wayment says it feels great to walk around Changzhi city, in North China's Shanxi province, and not be nervous.

Schooled to adapt

2011-05-04 07:58:37

As record numbers of Chinese students study abroad, their difficulties adjusting to foreign cultures are revealed. Guo Shuhan reports.

Avoid armadillos and leprosy

2011-05-04 07:58:37

Armadillos, with their sharp claws and body armor, don't have a reputation for being cuddly.