Young Estonian challenged by China's vastness

2011-08-28 08:01:17

Soon after 26-year-old Eve Nagel first arrived in China she suffered a severe bout of homesickness and ached to be with her family and friends.

Far, wide reach

2011-08-28 08:01:17

The Web has made one Frenchman a citizen of the world.

World Scene

2011-08-28 08:00:48

King lives on in Tintin

2011-08-28 08:00:48

Not many know that the last king of Iraq King Faisal II lives on in the classic Tintin comic books.

Tintin, always a China fave

2011-08-28 08:00:48

China has a special place in the hearts of Tintin fans. It's the only country to be featured twice in The Adventures of Tintin series of comic books.

For life out there, start here

2011-08-28 07:59:40

Humanity's first encounter with alien life could soon happen right here on Earth.

Next stop, Alpha Centauri

2011-08-28 07:59:40

The United states government agency that helped invent the Internet now wants to do the same for travel to the stars.

Steve Jobs. Who?

2011-08-28 08:02:07

While there are 40 millions hits on Google if you search "Steve Jobs", not many in China recognize that name, although Apple products are flying off the shelves.

Action, film, but no camera

2011-08-28 08:02:36

Is it possible to make a movie without cameras? Certainly, if you have 16mm film and other things like scissors, blades, tapes and inks.

Comfort puddings

2011-08-27 07:55:51

The first pudding I ever ate was a rice pudding with stewed prunes, the Friday night dessert at my very English boarding school.

Buckling under the knuckle

2011-08-28 08:01:41

Berliner's hearty servings of traditional German fare will have you hitting the wall in no time.

New duck classics

2011-08-28 08:01:41

Quan Ju De, founded in 1864, used to be the place to go for the signature dish of the Chinese capital, but as more and more options crop up, it started losing some luster.