Her handbags reflect her bright outlook

2013-02-27 07:35:20

No matter how many accolades or how much media attention Wu Mengdi receives, the up-and-coming handbag designer says she's really not all that artistically inclined.

Prepping the wannabes

2013-02-27 09:42:13

It is the busiest week for the makeup artist, who has rented the studio temporarily for the annual arts examination.

Worked to the bone

2013-02-27 07:35:20

Most people think about the respiratory system when they think about SARS. Chen Weiheng knows it can also affect the pelvis.

Bringing US-style classes home to China

2013-02-24 09:21:26

An old saying goes, "Idle hands are the devil's tools." But sometimes, good things can come from boredom.

The big picture

2013-02-25 11:08:05

Films attain universal appeal through many means, and one of them is a plot with multinational elements.

Life after logging

2013-02-25 05:56:25

Former forestry workers are adapting to the times as central government directives emphasize conservation rather than chopping down trees. Raising sika deer has become a new source of income for many former lumberjacks in Bailang town.

The king has no castle

2013-02-20 07:49:41

The Amur tiger is the largest subspecies of tiger and is primarily found in the Russian Far East and Northeast China. It came close to being extinct but its population has rebounded and about 450 are alive today.

The circus is in town

2013-02-22 10:08:21

Last year's big screen blockbuster Life of Pi was all about a shipwrecked boy and how he was adrift, stranded on a lifeboat with a huge tiger. In certain villages in Suzhou, Anhui province, living with tigers and lions is part of daily life.

A highly tangled character

2013-02-22 09:45:13

These days you're more likely to use the virtual net than handle a real one, but the character 网 (wǎng) remains a handy reminder of the days when more fish slipped the hunter's net than savvy Internet users jumped over firewalls.

Lantern Festival losing its luster

2013-02-21 13:48:02

Lantern Festival, a tradition dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, marks the end of the two-week Lunar New Year celebration. Praise the Red Lantern

Single-minded steward

2013-02-21 07:41:50

While the famous "Iron Man" Wang Jinxi braved the bleak grasslands to explore oil to meet the nation's needs in the 1960s, his successor Sun Bo paved the way for his peers to tap into resources overseas.

A rare sighting

2013-02-21 09:43:20

Known among birdwatchers as the 'holy grail', the critically endangered spoon-billed sandpiper is suffering further habitat loss.