Folktale of Mulan

2011-10-21 09:10:05

Mulan's world, like ours, is full of conflict, war and strife. It is an old story, but somehow it is still current; we can see our own reflection in it.

A stone meant for kings

2011-10-19 10:20:39

Treasured for thousands of years, jade holds a special place in Chinese history and culture.

A stone meant for kings

2011-10-19 07:53:17

Treasured for thousands of years, jade holds a special place in Chinese history and culture.

Living legends

2011-10-17 09:49:05

Old soldiers never die. Likewise, old brands do not quietly fade away. They are either re-invigorated or create a tragic or even heroic last scene.

Don't be a fool, eat the fat!

2011-10-14 08:57:19

Hongshaorou, the fatter it is, the better it is, and apparently the dish's succulent porky layers can make you a genius

Mane attraction

2011-10-14 08:57:19

Traditional stone lions still take pride of place in Chinese architecture.

Birthplace of China's last dynasty

2011-10-13 07:50:17

Despite having completed six years of Chinese history classes at high school, Shen Di had to once again bury her nose in history after signing up as a tour guide at the Old City of Hetu Ala.

Buddhism practiced in South Asia

2011-10-11 15:42:56

A Buddhist monk sweeps the floor near a Buddha statue on Poya day at a temple in Galle,south of Colombo October 11, 2011.

Mother of all Chinese Opera: Kunqu Opera

2011-10-11 14:17:37

Kunqu Opera, one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera, was listed as a "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage" by UNESCO in 2011.

Revolutionary images

2011-10-11 07:58:38

Priests at the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions had been disturbed for several days by phone calls while they had been taking their usual afternoon nap.

Forbidden, now Palace of the people

2011-10-11 07:58:38

The Palace Museum was home to 24 emperors but now houses many of the country's greatest treasures.

A spring ritual that gave birth to a masterpiece

2011-10-10 10:58:04

On a sunny day in AD 353, Eastern Jin Dynasty court minister and calligrapher Wang Xizhi (303-361) invited 41 guests for an outing at the Orchid Pavilion in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province.