Traditional wedding ceremony staged in Galicnik, Macedonia

2012-07-17 15:46:50

The western Macedonian village of Galicnik staged its traditional wedding ceremony, an annual event that has been running for more than 50 years.

Flying Fork performed in Suqiao, China's Hebei

2012-07-17 15:42:04

Actors perform the Feicha (Flying Fork) in Suqiao township of Wen'an county, north China's Hebei province, July 13, 2012.

Nadam fair opens in Ujimqin Banner

2012-07-17 09:41:39

People perform during the opening of a Nadam fair in West Ujimqin Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Keep long hair, Keep tradition

2012-07-17 09:19:29

Women at the Huangluo village of the Yao ethnic group in Guilin, south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, keep long hair tradition alive.

Culture: Keeping Beijing's traditions alive

2012-07-16 16:11:12

Tucked away in one of Beijing's alleyway hutongs, doorways open up to families' traditional courtyard residences.

Culture: Bishachu

2012-07-15 16:40:50

Bishachu, a kind of Chinese traditional furniture, evolves into a style of indoor layout, showing the combination of culture and architecture.

Site of Xanadu

2012-07-13 14:16:14

The site of Xanadu in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Home grown

2012-07-13 12:34:30

Cross-cultural exchanges between East and West are increasing on the back of a growing need to understand China's rise in global influence, but there is at least one area that some believe remains solely in the realm of Chinese hands.

The Middle Kingdom in the Land of the Pyramids

2012-07-09 08:58:05

Not far from Egypt's pyramids and sphinx, a group of Egyptians are discovering China without leaving their homeland.

China goes to the world

2012-07-09 08:54:25

Chinese culture centers are enabling people overseas to meet China without leaving their homelands.

Mongolian statue pieced together

2012-07-07 17:17:27

Archaeologists of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have finished reconstituting a 5,300-year-old pottery statue.

Palace Museum to become world-class

2012-07-07 16:05:59

The curator of the Palace Museum, known as the imperial Forbidden City, has described how he and his colleagues are striving to turn the site into one of the world's top museums through an improved blueprint.