Saving heritage through commerce

2012-02-15 13:32:56

A recent seminar on the "productive protection" of intangible cultural heritage brought together policymakers, folk craftspeople and experts in Beijing.

Blanket change

2012-02-14 11:20:15

Quilt-making traditions are fading from the social fabric.

On a more positive note for tradition

2012-02-13 11:21:12

Duxianqin player Su Chunfa still fondly recalls his first performance in a music hall in 1996 and the rousing applause at the end.

Living in the past

2012-02-13 10:54:35

An ongoing project moving Yao ethnic group members from their traditional mountain homes to more urban settings leaves just the elderly behind.

Drinking vessel brimmed with culture

2012-02-09 10:10:28

The Tang Dynasty (618-907) is praised for its openness and cultural integration with neighboring countries. One proof of this is the Animal Head Agate Vessel.

Lucky for some, but financially painful for others

2012-02-09 10:05:37

The Spring Festival holiday is over and the post-holiday blues have taken hold. Many of us drag our feet to the office where busy work schedules await.

For love and money

2012-02-09 10:05:11

The tradition of giving relatives' children envelopes of cash during Spring Festival persists because of the affections it conveys.

Defusing the boom

2012-02-08 10:04:49

Decreasing fireworks sales nationwide suggest Spring Festival's pyrotechnic traditions are falling out of favor.

Finding divine fortune in the Chinese New Year

2012-02-07 11:10:12

Wen Wei performs his final bow to a 4-meter-high wooden Buddha statue in the west wing of Jing'an Temple on the last day of Spring Festival.

This shrine shines as a hot spot, even in the cold rain

2012-02-07 11:07:27

Drizzling cold on the first day of the Lunar New Year didn't stop local and international Buddhists from visiting Nanputuo Temple in the coastal city.

To guarantee success millions take to temples and pay for it

2012-02-07 10:24:19

Xiao Ping, a middle-aged restaurant owner in Chengdu's suburbs, usually gets up at midday because she has to stay until every diner leaves late at night.

Power of prayer

2012-02-07 10:10:26

Growing throngs overcrowd temples to seek divine blessings during the Spring Festival.