Culture: Kangweihua

2012-07-31 15:39:51

Discover the beauty of kangweihua, the painting drawn around the walls of a kang, which is a kind of brick bed widely used in northern China.


2012-07-31 15:08:01

The Kangweihua is a painting drawn around the walls of a Kang, brick-built bed widely used in northern China.

Cutlure: The ox-head-shaped zun porcelain

2012-07-30 16:02:20

Learn more about ox-head-shaped zun, a kind of porcelain popular since the Song Dynasty (960-1279) as an indoor decoration. It has two delicate ears, similar to an upside-down ox head, thus the name.

In a bind

2012-07-30 15:03:11

The Macao Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Relics will begin its autumn foundation course on the topic of binding and restoration of ancient Chinese books.

Legacy lingers for Yanzhou church

2012-07-30 14:03:06

With a history of more than 4,000 years, Yanzhou often shares the honor of being the hometown of Confucianism because of its proximity to Qufu.

The Ox-head-shaped Zun Porcelain

2012-07-30 13:22:46

With two delicate ears, similar to an upside-down ox head, this traditional porcelain is named after its shape, called ox-head-shaped porcelain Zun.

Culture: A painter’s view of Southern China

2012-07-29 17:20:06

Dong Yuan is considered the founding father of landscape painting of southern China as well as one of the three great painters of the early Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).

Culture: Xanadu and Chengjiang Fossil Site placed on elite list

2012-07-27 17:19:36

June 29 marked a historic day for the Site of Xanadu in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and Chengjiang Fossil Site in Southwest China's Yunnan province, as they gained places on the World Heritage List.

Pictures from the wood

2012-07-27 12:17:04

Woodblock printing, along with another of China's four recognized great inventions, papermaking, brought the world its first known books more than 1,300 years ago.

Tibet strengthens protection on 'Living Fossil' of Tibetan opera

2012-07-26 16:07:13

The folk opera troupe of Nyangrain village has won applause after concluding their performances held at Norbulingka Garden.

Exquisite snuff bottles exhibited in Taipei

2012-07-26 13:11:27

The display includes various snuff boxes and bottles as well as related paraphernalia.

160 cultural relics damaged in Beijing storm

2012-07-26 09:46:15

About 160 unmovable cultural relics in Beijing were damaged during a storm last Saturday.