Turkey gets a glimpse of China's civilization

2012-11-19 09:26:25

As part of the ongoing Chinese Culture Year in Turkey, the exhibition - the first of its kind initiated by the two governments - will be open to the public from Nov 20 to Feb 20.

China renews list of heritage candidates

2012-11-18 08:02:03

The State Administration of Cultural Heritage released a new list of candidates for World Cultural Heritage status on Saturday in Beijing.

Efforts made to revive China's cultural heritage

2012-11-15 17:32:58

Driven by the goal of reviving China's traditional culture, the government has been pouring resources into preservation efforts.

Suzhou embroidery keeps ancient needle art alive

2012-11-15 16:46:48

During the Spring and Autumn Period some 2,500 years ago, people from Wu State applied embroidery to clothes.

China's intangible cultural heritages exhibit in Anhui

2012-11-15 16:45:08

The China Huangshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition has opened in Shexian county in Anhui province.

Confucius' family tree goes digital

2012-11-15 13:34:38

Descendants of ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius have digitized books delineating their family tree, which is believed to be the world's largest, to make it easier to revise.

Police uncover a major tomb-raiding case in Wuhan

2012-11-15 09:47:09

When a villager stumbled upon some newly dug holes in the fields one day in August 2011, he did not expect his discovery to lead to a huge number of lost treasures.

Cave Buddhas re-united in digital display

2012-11-15 09:45:40

During the brief reign of the Northern Qi Dynasty (AD 550-577), China's rulers carved elaborate cave temples into the mountains of what is now the limestone Xiangtangshan.

UNESCO reviews heritage protection

2012-11-14 10:20:01

A review on UNESCO's global strategy for strengthening national capacities for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage was recently staged in Beijing.

Shaolin monk 'flies' across wall

2012-11-14 09:20:37

Shi Liliang performs a Chinese martial art stunt by walking on a wall in Quanzhou, Fujian province, Nov 12, 2012.

Ceramic artist and his porcelain works

2012-11-13 13:55:46

Photos taken show the ceramic artist Ren Ruihua and his porcelain works at his studio in Jingdezhen, east China's Jiangxi province.

The legend of blood red porcelain

2012-11-12 15:56:20

Porcelain with red under glaze is distinctively different from other Chinese ceramic styles, with very flamboyant and intense colors.