Large cultural fair commences

2012-04-07 15:34:56

A large exhibition and fair showcasing about 50 intangible cultural heritage items opened on Friday in Xi'an, the historic capital of Shaanxi province.

Dinosaur species found

2012-04-06 15:05:10

Scientists have discovered a new feathered dinosaur species that lived in the Early Cretaceous Period, about 125 million years ago, in northeastern China.

Country and Eastern music

2012-04-06 10:20:04

A series of Dong ethnic group folk music concerts has attracted considerable attention in Beijing.

Romancing the bone

2012-04-05 13:31:13

The excavations carried out at Yinxu and the finding of the oracle bones significantly changed China's historical records.

Ancestor of all Chinese honored

2012-04-05 13:16:11

Nearly 20,000 people from around the world gathered in front of the mausoleum for Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor, to pay their respects to the emperor believed to be ancestor of all Han Chinese.

Chinese heritage exhibition held in Nairobi

2012-04-05 08:36:25

Charming Beijing Photo Exhibition and Beijing's Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition were held in Nairobi on Monday.

Learning more about Qingming

2012-04-04 11:12:35

The Qingming Festival, also called Tomb Sweeping Day, occurs on April 4 this year, which is one of the most important traditional festivals for the 24 Chinese solar terms.

Qingming tradition continues in US

2012-04-04 11:05:07

There's an upsurge of interest in Tomb-sweeping Day in the US as Chinese Americans honor their ancestors.

Building new lives

2012-03-29 09:38:50

Fierce controversy has built up around the planned demolition and renovation of the area surrounding Beijing's Drum and Bell towers.

Shanghai girls

2012-03-27 10:56:26

Is it true what they say about the city's women? And what are they saying? Chitralekha Basu finds out more in Shanghai.

Yellow Emperor worshipped in C China

2012-03-25 09:14:46

A worshipping ritual for the Yellow Emperor or Huangdi is held in Xinzheng, Henan province on March 24, 2012.

A hundred years of collars & slits

2012-03-25 07:47:27

Traditional, adaptable and smooth as silk, this dress remains the perfect wrap for a Chinese woman.