Media mogul Shaw dies

2014-01-07 09:23:08

Hong Kong media mogul and philanthropist Run Run Shaw died at home on Tuesday. He was 107.

Panda cub makes public debut at Taipei Zoo

2014-01-07 00:46:21

The first giant panda born in Taiwan charmed thousands of excited fans on Monday and boosted the local economy when she made her long-anticipated public debut at Taipei Zoo.

HK air quality health index reaches serious level

2014-01-03 21:17:50

The general and roadside monitoring stations of Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department have recorded a higher than normal pollution level Friday and the health risk category is serious in some places.

HK arrests two forcing into PLA's barracks

2014-01-01 19:22:38

The Hong Kong police on Wednesday detained two local males for illegally forcing into the headquarters of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Garrison in the island city last Thursday afternoon.

20 injured in blaze in HK

2013-12-29 14:04:56

More than 20 people were injured in a fire in North Point of Hong Kong on Sunday.

HK confirms first death from H7N9

2013-12-26 19:59:48

An 80-year-old man infected with the H7N9 bird flu virus has died in Hong Kong, the government said on Thursday.

Meeting of cross-Straits affairs chiefs in planning

2013-12-25 18:47:26

A mainland spokeswoman said on Wednesday that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits are still planning the meetings between their chiefs of cross-Straits affairs.

Mainland opens qualification tests to Taiwan

2013-12-25 16:00:22

The Chinese mainland has opened 40 professional qualification tests to Taiwan residents, Fan Liqing, spokeswoman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Border police destroy smuggling tunnel into HK

2013-12-25 09:14:22

Border police find the entrance to a smuggling tunnel linking Guangdong and Hong Kong inside a private garage in a residential community near the border in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, on Dec 19, 2013. Guangdong border police worked with their Hong Kong counterparts and destroyed a smuggling tunnel under construction along the Changling Village section of Guangdong and Hong Kong.

HK retailers getting into Christmas spirit

2013-12-23 07:57:47

Hong Kong retailers are taking a number of measures this year to attract shoppers, including deeper and earlier discounts, major promotional events and flashier Christmas decorations.

Mainland tourists move HK lower on shopping list

2013-12-23 00:38:33

Retailers, restaurant operators and travel agents fear that Hong Kong would one day lose its luster to increasingly affluent, sophisticated mainland tourists seems to have come true.

World Endoscopy Conference held in Taipei

2013-12-21 14:20:51

World Endoscopy Conference held in Taipei