Women perform yangko to challenge Guinness World Record

2016-03-07 10:08:23

Women perform yangko, a folk dance especially popular in Northeast China, during an attempt to challenge the Guinness World Record in Hong Kong, China , March 6, 2016.

Tourists hospitalized in Taiwan for suspected food poisoning

2016-03-06 10:56:55

Taipei health authority said Saturday that 21 tourists from a mainland tour group fell sick and were hospitalized following a meal in a Taipei restaurant.

Taiwan to expand use of quake early warning system

2016-03-04 01:15:55

Taiwan should expand the use of an early warning system for earthquakes that could give valuable seconds for people to react before deadly quake waves arrive, the island's quake research institute said Thursday.

Panda fertility experts sent to Taiwan

2016-03-01 19:30:03

Mainland panda experts have been invited to Taiwan to help a mating pair of giant pandas conceive their second cub.

Aussie eggs scrutinized for toxic additives

2016-02-22 22:22:32

The Centre for Food Safety has moved to allay local fears that Australian eggs on sale here may have been injected with toxic food dyes intended to make the yolks appear brighter. Strong dosages of chemical food dye additives are believed to raise higher risks of cancer and their sale is banned here.

China's central government appoints Macao's new custom chief

2016-02-20 13:55:03

The State Council, or China's cabinet, has appointed Vong Iao Lek as the new director-general of Macao Customs Service, according to a statement on Saturday.

Violence, legislative inaction harming HK, leaders say

2016-02-20 09:06:35

The escalating violence on Hong Kong's streets and filibustering in the legislature are bringing Hong Kong to a standstill and will destroy its competitiveness, city business leaders and political heavyweights cautioned.

Taiwan tourism revenue grows quickly on peaceful cross-Straits relations

2016-02-20 04:28:53

Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou said Friday that peaceful cross-Straits relations contributed to the rapid growth of Taiwan's tourism industry, which saw new highs in revenues and inbound tourists.

HK business leaders warn against unrest, filibusters

2016-02-19 17:32:43

Six major business chambers in Hong Kong today jointly expressed their concern on violence on Hong Kong's streets and filibustering in the city's legislature.

Another body found under Taiwan quake debris

2016-02-19 00:59:17

Five days after the search officially ended, the body of a 32-year-old woman was found Thursday, 2.6 meters under the ground of a building that collapsed in an earthquake 12 days ago in Tainan, Taiwan.

Protesters 'were determined to cause mayhem'

2016-02-18 21:34:07

Protesters who turned Hong Kong into a battleground on Feb 9 were determined to cause mayhem with flammable liquids and by blocking firefighters, David Lai Man-hin, the city's director of fire services, said on Thursday.

Former HK chief secretary's appeal against bribery conviction dismissed

2016-02-16 17:07:42

Former Hong Kong Chief Secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan and three others had their appeal against bribery conviction dismissed by the Court of Appeal on Tuesday.