Peaceful message from Xi-Ma meeting encourages cross-Strait travel

2015-11-10 00:17:41

Thousands of locals crowded the 10th Taipei Cross-Strait Travel Fair on Monday after leaders from both sides of the Taiwan Strait pledged to promote peace and prosperity in Singapore Saturday.

Xi-Ma meeting turns historic page in cross-Strait relations: official

2015-11-09 10:07:35

The historic meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou in Singapore will have great significance on the development of cross-Strait relations, the mainland's Taiwan affairs chief said.

Debate lingers over impact of meeting

2015-11-09 07:03:21

The curtain fell on the landmark meeting between Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou in Singapore on Saturday. But on Sunday people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and media organizations were still discussing the impact.

Xi-Ma meeting writes new historic chapter

2015-11-08 21:49:17

On November 7, Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou, the top leaders across the Taiwan Straits held a historic meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. This event could be this year's top ten news story across the Taiwan Straits, and for the world as well.

Cartoon commentary Xi-Ma meeting: New chapter in history of Cross-Straits relations

2015-11-08 21:46:55

The top leaders across the Taiwan Straits, Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou met at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore at 3 p.m. local time, November 7.

A trio of titans

2015-11-08 16:57:47

Three of the most revered masters in contemporary performing arts hail from Taiwan, yet their works are imprinted with a legacy that goes far back into cultural China.

Cuisine, culture foster Taiwan's popularity

2015-11-08 15:19:05

Taiwan is an increasingly popular destination for mainland tourists drawn to the island by its beautiful vistas, vibrant provincial capital, culture and cuisine.

Friendships blossom with special flowers

2015-11-08 08:09:56

With its widespread wings it looks set to take off and be true to its name, Papillonanda, after the butterfly. The Papillionanda, named after the Chinese president, is a delicate pink orchid that has taken years to perfect and is Singapore's gift to Xi Jinping and the first lady.

Student exchanges double in five years

2015-11-08 13:41:35

The number of mainland students studying at Taiwan universities and Taiwan residents studying on the mainland has made a sizable leap in just a few years.

We can share our tears and joys as one family

2015-11-08 11:30:08

The handshake between Xi Jinping and Ma Yingjeou in Singapore on Saturday lasted one minute and 10 seconds. They met as "leaders of the two sides" of the Taiwan Straits and vowed to promote peaceful cross-Straits relations. This is history in the making.

Let pragmatism lead the way

2015-11-08 11:00:04

Over the past few days, the media have been lavish in their praise of the meet­ ing between top leaders of the Chi­ nese mainland and Taiwan, using complimentary words such as "land­ mark" and "milestone" to describe it.

Use Xi-Ma talks to resolve historical issues

2015-11-08 10:59:57

High hopes have been placed on the just concludedmeeting between Xi Jinping andMa Yingjeou in Singapore, a country that shares good relationswith both sides of the Straits.