Mainland removes entry permit requirements for Taiwan residents

2015-06-18 10:49:05

The Chinese mainland will remove entry permit requirements for Taiwan residents from July 1, according to a revised regulation made public Thursday.

Lawmakers still divided over reform

2015-06-18 07:42:25

Hong Kong's Legislative Council moved closer on Wednesday to a vote on the city's electoral reform plan.

Seize the opportunity to advance HK democratic development

2015-06-17 14:59:52

Hong Kong Legislative Council is debating and will vote on a motion to elect the SAR's next leader by public vote for the first time in 2017.

Vote to begin on Hong Kong's election reform

2015-06-17 07:48:26

The Hong Kong legislature is set to debate the single largest democratic reform in the city's history on Wednesday as a handful of lawmakers hold in their hands the fate of more than three decades of political wrangling over the issue of giving residents the right to vote for their leader.

Hong Kong police charge 6 with conspiracy to cause explosion

2015-06-17 07:41:05

Five men and one woman were holding charged with "conspiracy to cause explosion" on Tuesday upon further investigations by the Hong Kong police.

Mainland trade association opens Taiwan office

2015-06-16 21:45:09

The mainland-based Association of the Economy and Trade across the Taiwan Strait (AETATS) opened an office in Taipei on Tuesday.

9 arrested in plot to bomb 2 city districts

2015-06-16 07:42:32

Hong Kong authorities haven't ruled out further arrests after police said on Monday that they busted nine radical activists who were allegedly preparing to bomb sites around the city's center of government.

Former member of HK SAR chief's election committee voices support to universal suffrage plan

2015-06-15 19:23:22

"It would be a great shame if the universal suffrage package failed to be passed at the Legislative Council (LegCo)," Nicholas Brooke, a former member of the Election Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region chief executive in 2012, said on Monday.

Nearly 90 percent oppose abolishing crime of adultery

2015-06-15 15:30:37

Almost 90 percent of Taiwan people believe the crime of adultery should not be abolished, Southern Metropolis Daily reported on Monday.

Mainland to lift entry-permit policy for Taiwan residents

2015-06-14 11:22:27

The Chinese mainland plans to remove the entry permit requirement for Taiwan residents, top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng said Sunday.

Top political advisor calls for closer cross-Strait ties

2015-06-14 07:07:33

Chinese top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng on Saturday called on people across the Taiwan Strait to build closer relations and work together to create a better life.

31 suspected MERS cases tested negative in HK

2015-06-11 11:44:15

Hong Kong's health authorities on Thursday said 31 out of 33 suspected cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) reported in the 24 hours till Wednesday noon have tested negative.